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    23 Game-Changing Products To Upgrade Your Bathroom In The New Year

    "Ahhh, yes." –you, the next time you walk inside your bathroom.

    1. This quick-drying silicone toilet brush and holder set is durable and never loses its shape. It also has an ergonomic handle to make scrubbing easier.

    2. Keep your shower doors clean with this stainless steel squeegee. It's great for removing excess water and soap scum, ensuring your bathroom stays spick and span.

    3. This antibacterial non-slip bath mat will stop any slipping in the shower. It also has drain holes for water to circulate and drain while you're washing.

    4. This multipurpose storage unit is ideal for smaller homes! It's easy to assemble and is great for storing all of your everyday bathroom essentials.

    5. These multifunctional wall-mounted hooks are going to come in extremely handy, especially if you share a bathroom with lots of people.

    6. This bathroom bin features two separate compartments to split up your recycling from general waste.

    7. This 2-in-1 air freshener eliminates and prevents odours from lingering. Once installed, the dispenser will work its magic for 45 days!

    8. I'm obsessed with this tub and tile scrubber that comes with an extendable handle. It has an ergonomic swivel design to make scrubbing easier!

    9. Unclog even the toughest of drain blockages with this pair of Mr Muscle sink and drain cleaners! They're safe to use on all types of pipes and can even cut through standing water.

    10. These anti-limescale toilet rim blocks change their scent – going from a marine ocean smell to a citrus lemon fragrance when you flush.

    11. Keep your sink area clean thanks to this self-draining soap dish!

    12. Ensure things stay organised with this automatic toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder set! It includes seven toothbrush slots, three cups, and a slot for your razors too.

    13. This touchless soap dispenser uses an ultra-sensitive infrared motion sensor to disperse liquid soap automatically!

    14. This luxurious brass towel hook rail will make you feel bougie whenever you step into the bathroom.

    15. This nifty little touch-up repair pen can be used to help conceal any nicks and scuffs on the enamel surfaces in your bathroom!

    16. This powerful limescale removal spray gets the job done in just five minutes!

    17. Reduce the likeliness of mould with this dehumidifier that uses absorbent crystals to safely remove excess moisture.

    18. If you live in a hard water area, you're bound to appreciate this screw-on ionised shower head designed to make your water softer!

    19. This ViPoo Pre-Poo toilet spray creates a protective layer that traps nasty smells before they can enter the air, so you can *ahem* poop in peace.

    20. This toilet pumice stone will help get rid of any built-up rust or limescale in your toilet bowl, so you can finally have a loo that ~gleams~ every time you use it.

    21. These nifty little self-adhesive shower clips are a must-have for keeping your curtain away if you can't stand the feeling of when it touches your skin.

    22. This three-tiered over-the-toilet shelving unit will save you space and can store everything from shampoo bottles to toilet paper!

    23. This compact wall-mounted styling station is heat resistant and perfect for storing all your hair related products. It's going to come in extremely handy if I say so myself!