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    11 Products For Anyone Who Loves Gadgets But Hates Wires

    Tangling is a thing of the past.

    1. Say goodbye to tangle-prone headphone cables and hello to these sleek and sophisticated Apple wireless Airpods.

    2. Surf the internet and watch all your favourite meme compilation videos using this noiseless wireless mouse.

    3. Pair it with this elegant wireless charging mouse pad, so you can surf the web AND charge your phone! MIND BLOWN.

    4. Love your laptop but need a little bit extra? This wireless rechargeable keyboard is the ultimate staple if you're a person on the go.

    5. Love a bit of a boogie? Who doesn't. Whether you're a Stormzy fan or love a "Murder on the Dancefloor," this wireless speaker could be the perfect little addition to your life.

    6. Can't escape the horror that is WIRES?! We feel you. Try out this wooden cable organiser so you've got one less thing to worry about. Tangled cables on the desk? We don't know her.

    7. Wires always breaking? Try these colourful silicone wire protectors. Thank us later.

    8. Okay, picture this. You're snuggled up watching the telly, tea and biccies in hand, then suddenly someone rings the doorbell. Want to see who it is before you get up? Well with Ring Video Doorbell 2 now you can.

    9. Like having everything you need in one place? This bedside lamp triples as a lamp, Bluetooth wireless speaker and wireless phone charger. Yes, you read that right. Efficiency at its FINEST.

    10. Prefer over-the-ear headphones? These rose gold Beats by Dre headphones have got you covered.

    11. Finally, organise your techy, electronic must-haves with this BAGSMART small travel bag.