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    20 Stress-Relieving Products To Help Make Your Home A More Calming Place

    Because we could all use some de-stressing right now.

    1. This high-pressure massaging shower head has three adjustable modes, and a built-in filtration system, so your time in the shower is as pleasant as can be (after all, that's where most of us have our best ideas).

    2. Indulge in some relaxation thanks to these natural pink Himalayan bath salts infused with chamomile, lavender, and jasmine.

    3. How about this wonderfully ambient, colour-changing diffuser you can fill with essential oils to help transform your home into a spa?

    4. Trouble catching Zs? Give this lavender sleep spray a go! Simply spray onto your pillow before bedtime for a restful night's sleep.

    5. Unwind with this incredibly soothing paint-by-numbers kit that comes with acrylic paints and brushes included!

    6. Take some time out of your day to complete this two-sided birthstone and zodiac puzzle. With 500 pieces, it's sure to keep you occupied!

    7. Like falling asleep with your headphones on? Well here's a speaker pillow you can connect your device to, so you can listen to Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles even when dreaming.

    8. Love bubble baths but hate resting your head on the cold bathtub and the stiff neck you get afterwards? Here's a soothing gel bath pillow to solve that problem.

    9. A super handy vibrating neck massager to help soothe any muscle pains and aches you might be experiencing!

    10. Bring ~chill vibes~ into any room of your home thanks to this USB-rechargeable 3D moon lamp with adjustable colour settings.

    11. This comfy reading pillow has an ergonomic design that'll help support your back so you don't end up slouching as the day goes on! Did we mention it feels like a warm snuggly hug?!

    12. This perfect blend of natural lavender and chamomile tea will help you unwind after a super long day!

    13. Soothe your tired eyes with this reusable cooling gel eye mask that can be used both hot and cold.

    14. This electric shiatsu neck and shoulder massager has eight massaging nodes that'll work together to knead and relieve knots, aches, and muscle tension like a real masseuse's hand!

    15. Some meditation incense cones to help add a tranquil ~vibe~ your living space.

    16. This guided journal only requires a few minutes out of your day, and is a great way to help with self-reflection, as well as connecting with yourself to build a greater sense of mindfulness!

    17. Some decorative faux vines to turn any room of your home into a gorgeous, green garden! Hang them over your ceiling, or around your banisters for a super chill atmosphere.

    18. Plan out your days with this celestial daily planner – its pages are made from recycled paper! Perfect for updating daily tasks and your monthly schedule, this cute little planner is a must-have!

    19. The blend of frankincense and cedarwood in this portable aromatherapy stick is enough to give you some fast, calming relief. All you have to do is swipe it onto your pulse points and let it do its work.

    20. A foot rest hammock you can *literally* attach to your desk, so you can rest your feet even while you're at work!