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    18 Relaxing Things To Treat Yourself To, Because We're Honestly Living Through A Very Stressful Time

    You deserve to relax!

    1. Unwind with this OFFBLAK Down Time tea that's infused with mint and blueberry! It's caffeine-free, making it perfect to have in the evenings.

    2. Treat yourself to this bath bomb and candle set! The essential oils will nourish your skin, while the soy scented candle will have your home smelling like nectarine, honey, and vanilla.

    3. This soothing lavender and chamomile pillow mist can be sprayed before bedtime for a good night's sleep.

    4. Look after your muscles with these Dr Salts Dead Sea bath salts. They're designed to help with aches and pains, so are great to use after a workout.

    5. This white noise machine has 30 soothing sounds to block out unwanted noises while you drift off! It also has an automatic turn-off timer, so you can sleep easy knowing you won't have to manually shut it off.

    6. If you tend to get stiff around your neck and shoulders, this hypoallergenic contour pillow has a wave design that supports your neck, head, and shoulders for a great night's sleep.

    7. Treat yourself to some acupressure with this dual foot massager roller that helps to relieve tension at its source.

    8. This lavender-scented wheat-filled body wrap can be heated up in the microwave and is flexible enough to use around the whole body!

    9. This crossword puzzle book is great if you need some time away from a screen. It comes with 90 medium-level puzzles to help challenge your brain.

    10. Long day? Take all of your worries out on these motivational stress balls.

    11. These gorgeous-smelling shower steamers can be placed in the corner of your shower while you wash for a wonderful aromatic experience.

    12. Create the ambience of the night sky thanks to this USB-rechargeable dimmable moon lamp that'll look good placed anywhere in your home!

    13. This cold therapy compression eye mask will come in handy on overly stressful days. It's perfect for soothing headaches and eye strain.

    14. Spice up your next yoga session with these wooden dice that'll provide you with thousands of possible combinations!

    15. This ultra-discreet, waterproof wand massager has 20 different pulsation patterns and eight different speeds! It's also whisper-quiet – so you don't have to worry about anyone hearing.

    16. I'm a sucker for this delightful apple pie and cinnamon-scented candle. It's made from an environmentally-friendly soy blend and has a burn time of up to 100 hours.

    17. Invest in this 8kg weighted blanket that mimics the feeling of being hugged by using a stimulus called "deep touch pressure." It's incredibly calming to use!

    18. I swear by this light therapy lamp! It has three levels of brightness to help you on those harder days when you just need an extra pick-me-up.