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    24 Random Products That, In My Opinion, Are Honestly Worth Every Single Penny

    From bargain buys to products you'll want to break the bank for!

    1. If you tend to get carsick often, these drug-free anti-nausea wrist bands are well worth a try!

    2. Reviewers seem to love this highly effective powder from Vanish! It removes five times more dirt than vacuuming alone.

    3. This Bar Keepers Friend powder will easily remove stubborn dirt, hard water stains, and rust with ease!

    4. You'll for sure be obsessed with this 2-in-1 hair styling tool from REVLON! It's boosted with ionic technology for faster drying time and has been reviewed over 3,100 times.

    5. I knew I had made the best purchase of my life when this handheld bag sealer arrived in the post! It uses heat to close unfinished bags of snacks and keep them fresh.

    6. This incredibly smart iKettle can be connected to your smartphone via an app, so you can pop it on a boil from the comfort of your own bed.

    7. These cooling gel inserts can be popped inside your pillowcase, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep without getting overheated.

    8. This hyaluronic acid serum will help increase your skin's hydration, has moisture-binding ingredients that leave you with smoother, supple, and more hydrated skin.

    9. If it's finally time to take your "being an adult" game to the next level, go ahead and invest in this Le Creuset non-stick frying pan! It comes pre-seasoned and offers even heat retention.

    10. My left ear had been *heavily* blocked for weeks, so using this earwax removal syringe was a gift sent from the heavens! It pushes jets of water into your ears, allowing stubborn wax to flush out safely.

    11. Take your flossing game to a whole new level thanks to this portable water flosser! It reaches where regular flossing can't and has adjustable pressure modes too.

    12. These biodegradable soap nuts are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergents and capsules!

    13. Days out with the doggos are inevitable, so keep their paws (and your floors) clean thanks to this pet paw cleaner! It contains soft bristles that lift dirt from your pup's feet — all you need to do is add water.

    14. This SPF50 suncream spray from Garnier can be sprayed over your gorgeously applied makeup, protecting your skin without ruining the beauty underneath!

    15. Strengthen your damaged locks thanks to this No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner by Olaplex! It's perfect for all hair types and has been reviewed over 31,000 times.

    16. It's hot AF right now, so go on and treat yourself to this super-soft heat-absorbent blanket to help keep you chilled at night. It contains cooling fibres that absorb body heat so you can sleep peacefully.

    17. I'm 99.9% certain you're going to love this heavy-duty vegetable chopper that takes the hard work out of cooking by dicing your veggies all in one go.

    18. Bored of expensive cleansers and wasteful makeup wipes? Save your skin and your wallet thanks to this magic makeup removal cloth that just requires water.

    19. These absorbent dehumidifiers contain hydrophilic crystals to help draw in moisture from the air and prevent mould and condensation.

    20. This portable laptop stand comes with a ventilated mesh design to keep your device cool! It's also a must-have if you hate hunching over your desk while WFH.

    21. This budget-friendly smartwatch is ideal for anyone who wants to track their heart rate, activity, sleep, and more without splashing the cash!

    22. This simply genius button pusher connects to your smartphone, so you don't have to get out of bed to switch the Big Light off.

    23. This cult-status oral rinse is dentist-formulated and gets rid of sulphur-producing bacteria to help fight bad breath!

    24. This below-the-waist trimmer from MANSCAPED is waterproof and comes with both wet and dry clippers! it features skin-safe technology too, so you can groom without causing irritation.