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    19 Products To Help Turn Your Garden Into The Ultimate Summer Hotspot

    Get ready to impress your guests!

    1. This wall-mounted bottle opener will make your garden feel complete! It even has a little basket to store all of your used bottle caps.

    2. Keep the little ones entertained thanks to this water sprinkler pad! It's easy to install and is a great alternative if your garden isn't wide enough to fit a pool.

    3. Turn your garden into a bohemian paradise with this gorgeous macramé hammock! It's easy to set up too, simply hang the suspension point anywhere you see fit, and voilà – you're done.

    4. How cute are these solar-powered honey bee fairy lights? They've got eight lighting modes and are sure to bring some joy to your garden.

    5. Take your summer game to a whole new level with this compact BBQ. It has a one-touch cleaning system and a heat shield to protect you while cooking.

    6. And be the king of that BBQ thanks to these nifty claws that are a must-have for making pulled pork or beef.

    7. These drinks dispensers are bound to come in handy all summer long!

    8. Bring the family together with this outdoor throw game that's fun for everyone. It's got a 4.6-star rating so you know it's well-loved by reviewers.

    9. Battle it out with your household thanks to these super fun water pistols that have a 1,200ml water capacity! They've also got a 33ft shooting range so you'll be able to splash your enemy even from far away.

    10. These outdoor LED fairy lights are sure to bring some ambience to those hot summer nights.

    11. Keep the kids happy with this 9.5m-long slip and slide! It's ideal for those aged five to twelve and even comes with a crash pad to help keep them safe.

    12. Make a splash with these incredibly fun water balloons! They're made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials too.

    13. This little plaque is adorable, don't you think?!

    14. Take your garden from 0-100 with this pack of 3,100 flower seeds that'll transform your space into a botanical paradise.

    15. This powerful speaker has an incredible HD sound, 20 hours' worth of playtime on a full charge, and advanced bass technology to keep you grooving all summer.

    16. These reusable food baskets are easy to clean and are bound to add a splash of colour to your next BBQ!

    17. These reclining loungers are ideal if you're looking to catch a tan while the sun's out! They're strong, sturdy, and even come with a headrest to really add to the ~experience~.

    18. This versatile nine-piece gardening set has everything you need to help take your garden from drab to fab! The tools are made from rust-resistant carbon steel, so you know they're built to last.

    19. This garden storage box is a must-have for holding all of your garden essentials. It's easy to set up, has a generous capacity, and even doubles as a pretty nifty seat!