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    15 Products To Spoil Your Pet Rotten This Year Because They Deserve It

    Only the best for your little buddy!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This PitPat dog activity monitor is great if you want your little canine to be as happy and healthy as can be!

    Amazon / Via

    Keep your dog happy and healthy with this fitness tracker that's been designed by vets. It accurately measure and displays your dog's daily exercise and rest, distance traveled, and calories burned, with an easy-to-use app.

    Price: £39.00.

    2. This LED automatic self-rolling interactive toy ball will keep your feline friend busy all 2020!

    Amazon / Via

    Thanks to its sphere shape and self balancing system, this LED exercise ball will automatically change its direction when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc – helping raise indoor cats' hunting instincts and abilities!

    Price: £12.99.

    3. Your little kitty deserves only the best, and the best is what they'll get they'll get thanks to this cosy igloo hideout cave.

    Amazon / Via

    Super comfy, highly resistant, and perfect for cats who just love spending their days curled up asleep – this igloo cat bed even has a removable bed for washing! We love to see it! Truly! Honestly!

    Price: £19.90.

    4. This seven-piece set of durable dog toys are just the ~treat~ for pups who love to chew through EVERYTHING.

    Amazon / Via

    These completely non-toxic chew toys are totally safe for your dog, and will even help to decrease plaque and prevent gum disease.

    Price: £12.99.

    5. Got a smaller furry friend? This pack of ten toys are fun for your hamster, gerbil, mouse, or rat to play with, chew with, and just have a good old time with, TBH.

    Amazon / Via

    These wooden toys are just the thing to help them play and exercise. They'll be able to gnaw at the wood and play with the equipment at the same time! So go ahead and treat little Remy to some swings, ladders, and a new chew toy!

    Price: £15.69.

    6. This rosewood boredom breaker will have your rodent friend gnawing through this woodroll for its tasty carrot and seed filling!

    Amazon / Via

    This totally awesome treat is made from 100% natural ingredients, and will even help prevent overgrown nails and unwanted trips to the vet!

    Price: £3.10.

    7. Treat your fish friends to the cleanest water possible with this seriously powerful aquarium air pump.

    Amazon / Via

    Designed to oxygenate your aquarium efficiently and quietly with its low power consumption and advanced air compressing system, this aquarium purifier works at a reduced noise so you can enjoy your aquarium in peace!

    Price: £9.99.

    8. This multi-level scratching post is easy to build and will keep your cat's nails in tip top condition –your cat(s) will love it!

    Amazon / Via

    This multi-level scratching post has three viewing spots, a tunnel, a toy mouse, and a cat house to give your cat the most wonderful place to play, exercise, scratch, and sleep! So go ahead and spoil them!

    Price: £18.49.

    9. Easily groom your cat or dog's hair with this dematting comb that has an incredibly impressive design which removes knots and tangled hair like a dream.

    Amazon / Via

    This 4.3-star rated dematting comb tool helps to minimise any potential skin irritation that your pet's fur might give them! Designed to groom even the thickest of coats, its ergonomic design calls for a comfortable grip when you're looking after your buddy!

    Price: £8.99.

    10. Bathtime is different for all dogs, but this antibacterial dog shampoo treats all the dogs the same! Suitable for all dog types, this fast-absorbing, and skin-cooling shampoo will leave your doggo looking and feeling squeaky clean!

    Amazon / Via

    This vet-recommended shampoo is completely cruelty free and contains 100% natural deodorising protection, to keep your dog's skin and fur looking and smelling fresh AF! Made with Vitamin E, this shampoo will actively work to soothe itchy skin and prevent any fur damage that your dog may potentially have.

    Price: £12.99.

    11. But if your dog just isn't in the mood to shower (or if you just don't have the time) this Baby Powder perfume gives your dog that salon-fresh smell and lasts for up to three days!

    Amazon / Via

    This dry dog shampoo has active aloe vera extract that conditions and soothes the coat and skin.

    Price: £8.49.

    12. Baths are a whole different experience when it comes to cats, but this peach-scented cat shampoo with built-in conditioner is enough to make your cat go from hiss hiss to swish swish.

    Amazon / Via

    Suitable for cats from 12 weeks, this mild and gentle shampoo is SLS, SLES, paraben, and alcohol free. It's also got a 4.5-star rating, with cat owners saying they love this shampoo. If that doesn't sound purrfect, we don't know what does!

    Price: £4.79.

    13. This dual heating controller is perfect for people who have pets that need to be kept under a certain temperature.

    Amazon / Via

    It's got a 4.3-star rating, and has reviewers thinking it's a nifty piece of kit, so let's be real, this dual heating controller is where it's at!

    Price: £30.99.

    14. These 100% natural wooden apple sticks are suitable for guinea pigs, squirrels, rabbits, and other rodent species!

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    Great for playing and nibbling, these apple sticks will improve your furry friend's teeth, and can be stored for a super long time!

    Price: £6.99 for a pack of 40.

    15. Finally, give your dog the best bed this 2020, thanks to this deluxe soft washable dog bed that they'll never want to get out of!

    Amazon / Via

    This dog bed is an ultimate must-have for your doggo! Super soft and made of an ultra-comfortable fleece material, this universal dog bed is perfect for any dog, whether they're big or small!

    Price: £26.99.