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    17 Products To Show Your Cat Just How Much You Love Them

    "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur."

    1. This water fountain will have your feline friend quenching their thirst in style!

    2. This tilted double bowl will reduce your cat's neck pain whilst eating and drinking.

    3. Keep your cat entertained with this 30-piece toy set!

    4. Can your cat catch the ball? This super roller circuit will definitely keep them occupied.

    5. Cats love to sleep, so why WOULDN'T they want to sleep in this cosy and snug hideout cave?

    6. Okay, maybe your cat doesn't want a hideout cave. Maybe they want this round cat bed?

    7. Spending some time away from home? Make sure your cat gets fed with this automatic food dispenser.

    8. This cat litter box is perfect for cats who want to go in privacy.

    9. Keep your cat warm during the winter months with this deluxe plush cat radiator bed. Living laaaavish.

    10. Give your cat a cuddle, and a groom, with these hair grooming gloves!

    11. Got a garden? Great! Give your cat a two-storey garden house. No seriously, give them a two storey garden house.

    12. Give your cat the grand entrance they've always wanted with this cat flap with microchip identification.

    13. Is your cat a fan of wet food? Well, here's a box of 96 pouches from Purina!

    14. Wet food not your cat's choice of delicacy? That's alright! Here's some dry food made with salmon and herring that your cat will JUST love you for!

    15. Give your cat the purrfect fashion accessory – this reflective cat collar!

    16. This cat tree scratching post is literally so adorable!

    17. And finally, it's common knowledge that most cats hate the water, so when the time comes, at least this feline great cat shampoo will take care of them.