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    17 Products To Show Your Cat Just How Much You Love Them

    "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This water fountain will have your feline friend quenching their thirst in style!

    Amazon / Via

    This pet water fountain has a capacity of two litres to help your pet drink more water, which is super important for kidney function! Made with BPA-free plastic, this fountain is odour-free and completely safe for your furry friends!

    It also has an anti-overflow capacity, so when the charcoal filter element is not cleaned for a long time, water will drain from the four corners of the tank, preventing the overflow of water on the floor!

    Price: £21.99.

    2. This tilted double bowl will reduce your cat's neck pain whilst eating and drinking.

    Amazon / Via

    Who said your cat can't eat and drink in the most comfortable way possible? This double bowl cat feeder is on a 15 degree tilted platform, a comfortable feeding height that reduces stress and pressure from your cat's neck. Give your little buddy some comfort, and yourself some peace of mind, knowing that happy reviewers have rated this product 4.5 stars!

    Price: £16.90.

    3. Keep your cat entertained with this 30-piece toy set!

    Amazon / Via

    This 30-piece, YES 30-PIECE, set includes many options that'll keep your cat entertained and energised. Not only will the interaction keep them healthy, you won't have to worry about what cat toy to buy!

    FYI! Each toy is made of high-quality materials: such as natural wood, catnip, sisal, elastic materials and feathers. They are non-toxic and tasteless, and completely safe for cats to use and play with! YAY!

    Price: £13.98.

    4. Can your cat catch the ball? This super roller circuit will definitely keep them occupied.

    Amazon / Via

    Keep your cats enticed with this roller circuit! Watch them try to swipe and chase the motion-activated illuminated ball that propels at high speeds, thanks to the high-low circuit design.

    Heads up! There is a plastic chip in the ball that must be removed before use.

    Price: £10.59.

    5. Cats love to sleep, so why WOULDN'T they want to sleep in this cosy and snug hideout cave?

    Amazon / Via

    Okay seriously. Even WE want this. Can someone make a cosy hideout cave for humans? Please, and thank you.

    This hideout cave is highly durable, stylish and resistant. On top of that, the super comfy cushion can be removed and washed easily. Rated 4.5 stars, happy reviewers have said this hideout cave is the best cat bed ever!

    Price: £19.90.

    6. Okay, maybe your cat doesn't want a hideout cave. Maybe they want this round cat bed?

    Amazon / Via

    This round cat bed has a luxury plush reversible cushion inside, guaranteed to give your cat that ultimate comfort!

    Price: £12.99 - £28.50 depending on size.

    7. Spending some time away from home? Make sure your cat gets fed with this automatic food dispenser.

    Amazon / Via

    This automatic food dispenser is a Wi-Fi connected, APP controlled automatic cat (and dog) feeder! You can easily customise your pet's daily feeding plan on Petoneer App (internet connection required) and feed your pet instantly from your phone even if you're not at home!

    Price: £64.99.

    8. This cat litter box is perfect for cats who want to go in privacy.

    Amazon / Via

    This luxury cat litter tray comes with a tray, mat, scoop and activated charcoal filter to eliminate any potential odours. It comes with an anti-slip mat that catches litter as your cat leaves the box. Happy customers have praised this litter tray, rating it five stars – calling it lightweight and easy to manage.

    Price: £18.90.

    9. Keep your cat warm during the winter months with this deluxe plush cat radiator bed. Living laaaavish.

    Amazon / Via

    This is sturdy and collapsible for easy storage, and your pet is going to love you for giving it a warm bed to curl up and relax on.

    Heads up! This appliance is perfect for pets who are 5kg or less!

    Price: £11.99.

    10. Give your cat a cuddle, and a groom, with these hair grooming gloves!

    Amazon / Via

    Using this pair of pet grooming gloves allows you to spend quality time with your beloved pet (whether it cat or dog.) All you have to do is stroke them like you usually would, and thanks to the glove, de-shed excess hair at the same time! Come through multitasking! Using this glove also prevents the tangling of your cat's fur – so that's an added bonus!

    Price: £6.49.

    11. Got a garden? Great! Give your cat a two-storey garden house. No seriously, give them a two storey garden house.

    Amazon / Via

    Why wouldn't you want to give your cat a TWO-STOREY garden house??!! Strong and sturdy, this iconic invention is made with strong cedar wood and it'll last up to three years outdoors. It's also painted with water-based paint, just incase your cat likes to chew things. It's also comes with pre-drilled holes AND it's easy to assemble!

    This two-storey garden house has been rated five stars by happy reviewers, calling it excellent!

    Price: £105.99.

    12. Give your cat the grand entrance they've always wanted with this cat flap with microchip identification.

    Amazon / Via

    Ensure your home has the highest security with this best-selling cat flap! Compatible with all common microchips and RFID collar tags, only pets recognised by the flap will be allowed into your home. Can be installed on doors, windows or walls, with accessories available.

    Price: £49.66.

    13. Is your cat a fan of wet food? Well, here's a box of 96 pouches from Purina!

    Amazon / Via

    This box contains a selection of turkey, trout, duck and game, gently cooked with high-quality ingredients and served in jelly! It's also filled with the necessary balanced nutrition that adult cats need to be happy and healthy! So go on, treat them!

    Price: £29.99.

    14. Wet food not your cat's choice of delicacy? That's alright! Here's some dry food made with salmon and herring that your cat will JUST love you for!

    Amazon / Via

    This dry food is 100% grain free and only contains good, healthy, natural ingredients! There's also no hidden nasties or sugar added, so you'll feel relieved knowing your best friend isn't eating anything they shouldn't!

    Price: £7.99.

    15. Give your cat the purrfect fashion accessory – this reflective cat collar!

    Amazon / Via

    These collars come in a pack of six (we know, your cat's gonna be spoilt) and are also reflective so you'll be able to see your furry companion outdoors or in the dark! It even comes with a bell, so you can hear them too!

    Price: £7.49.

    16. This cat tree scratching post is literally so adorable!

    Amazon / Via

    The bottom is designed with a high-density wood board, and even comes with a wall anchor strap to greatly ensure the safety of your cats! The scratching posts are made with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly natural sisal rope that has a light natural smell that can induce cats to scratch and bite.

    FYI: This scratching post is built to support up to 8kg, so whilst it'll be able to support one cat, it might not be able to support two!

    Price: £69.99.

    17. And finally, it's common knowledge that most cats hate the water, so when the time comes, at least this feline great cat shampoo will take care of them.

    Amazon / Via

    This mild and gentle shampoo is packed with pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera extract and is SLES and paraben free, ensuring the safety of your cat's skin. The built-in conditioner will make sure your cat's fur feels soft to the touch as well!

    Price: £5.50.