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    25 Game-Changing Products For If You're Finding It Difficult Living With Housemates ATM

    Did someone mention a "do not disturb" sign?!

    1. This TubShroom traps all the hair and dirt going down your drains, so all you have to do is empty it when it gets full.

    2. A four-tiered caddy with adjustable shelves that's easy to install, so you and your housemates can finally stop leaving your shower products on the floor.

    3. This handy little magnet that you can pop on your dishwasher to indicate whether its contents are clean, dirty, or if it's currently running a wash.

    4. And if you don't have a dishwasher, this draining rack is great for keeping dishes out of the way while they dry.

    5. A "do not disturb" sign to let your housemates know whether or not you're in an important work call.

    6. A self-adhesive whiteboard that you can place on your fridge to keep you updated on whose turn it is to take out the bins.

    7. Some sound-reducing soft silicone earplugs for when you need to wake up early in the morning and your housemate keeps making *noise*.

    8. These pull-out boxes that'll keep your shelves free of clutter and allow you to share your fridge's real estate evenly.

    9. A mini white noise machine with six soothing sounds to help drown out unwanted noise. It's also got an automatic shut-off timer, so you don't have to worry about waking up to turn it off.

    10. This V.I.Poo toilet spray creates a barrier around the toilet bowl and masks any unwanted smells, so you can avoid awkward encounters with your housemates.

    11. Some stick-on bumpers to help dampen the noise of your kitchen cabinets slamming whenever someone wants to get a midnight snack.

    12. A set of eight heat-resistant silicone coasters to help prevent any potential water rings from magically appearing on your furniture.

    13. An over-the-door towel rack with six hooks to ensure no-one's bathrobe ends up on the floor.

    14. An extension cord with three sockets and three USB ports, for when everyone's in the living room and there's not enough wall sockets to go around.

    15. An under-the-sink organiser with rearrangeable storage shelves to ensure your kitchen cleaning products stay organised.

    16. A cutlery organiser tray that will keep your knives and forks in their proper place.

    17. A five-tiered shoe rack that won't only save on space, but is quick and easy to assemble too!

    18. An automatic toothpaste dispenser that you can easily mount to your wall. It has five toothbrush slots, four cups, and enough space for your razors too.

    19. This heavy-duty washing machine cleaner that kills bacteria, prevents odours, and removes hidden limescale buildup.

    20. A pair of incredibly highly-rated Bluetooth headphones that allow you to listen to 35 hours of music on a full charge. They're noise-cancelling too!

    21. If you share your bed with someone who tends to toss and turn at night, these under-the-mattress sheet suspenders will keep your sheets in place.

    22. A roll of sticky labels to let people know that bottle of ketchup is yours.

    23. You can slip these anti-vibration pads under your washing machine or dryer to ensure peace and quiet the next time someone does their laundry.

    24. A reusable hair remover that collects your furry friend's shed hair in an easy-to-empty compartment at the back, so your housemates don't get annoyed by your pet moulting.

    25. If you're short on storage, this handy wire rack will help you utilise all the cupboard space you have!