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    21 Products To Help You Prioritise Your Health This Year

    This year is all about looking after YOU!

    1. Incorporate positive and powerful habits into your life with this 6-Minute Diary that's just so much more than a regular journal

    2. Struggle to get a good night's sleep? Lather yourself in this Better You magnesium sleep mineral lotion to help you on your way to a better bedtime.

    3. 2020 is the year of staying H-Y-D-R-A-T-E-D! Get your water fix with this 1L leak-proof, fruit-infuser water bottle that's perfect for anyone in the office or on the go!

    4. Want to get your antioxidant boost in the most tasty way possible? Why not incorporate some organic Açai berry powder into your life?

    5. Going to the gym after work? This USB-rechargeable TOPESCT portable blender is the ultimate must-go for busy people.

    6. Say goodbye to those Monday blues with this Wake Up Light alarm clock that has sunrise simulation to start your day right and a sunset sleep aid in order to give you a better night's sleep!

    7. Keep your hair, skin, and nails in CHECK! These Beauty & The Bear vegan hair vitamins are gonna turn the party!

    8. Preparing food can take ages, so this 23-piece fruit and vegetable cutter will chop, dice, AND slice your greens however you want them – and FAST!

    9. Trying out meal prep this year? Go ahead and give these reusable container sets a go!

    10. Step into the world of aromatherapy with this 150ml essential oil diffuser that has benefits such as helping you sleep better and preventing your throat from getting dry and scratchy.

    11. Was your New Year's resolution to take up yoga? Get that mountain pose going with this Maximo exercise mat that's perfect for the gym or even in the comfort of your own home.

    12. Who says back pain has to exist in 2020? SHE'S CANCELLED, thanks to this lumbar support pillow that you can take literally anywhere with you!

    13. Relax and recharge thanks to these Deep Sleep epsom salts enhanced with lavender and chamomile oils to ~really~ de-stress the mind!

    14. Need to sleep in complete darkness? This super breathable contoured 3D eye mask is so soft, you'll never want to take it off!

    15. This matcha tea powder is seriously high in antioxidants.

    16. This superberries powder blend is PACKED with Vitamin C and will taste just perfect in your next breakfast smoothie or protein shake!

    17. This roasting tin cookbook so your oven can do all of the hard work for you!

    18. Support your head and neck with this hypoallergenic contour foam pillow that's got a 4.4-star average rating from over 1,100 reviews!

    19. Going to the gym or going for a run in the park? This touchscreen running armband will keep your phone, headphones, and locker-key safe.

    20. Stay on track of your health with this waterproof fitness tracking watch that can receive calls, has all-day activity tracking, and monitored sleep tracking.

    21. Take some well-deserved time out with this adult colouring book that's handy for even the snarkiest of people.