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    24 Game-Changing Beauty Products That Solve Annoying Problems

    Who says beauty has to be difficult?!

    1. Primer is an absolute must if you want to hold your makeup down for the day. This Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro Primer minimises pores and enhances the natural glow of the skin, getting you ready for foundation.

    2. These super nifty eyeshadow shields to prevent any potential eyeshadow fallout from ruining your *perfectly* applied makeup.

    3. And if you didn't have time to wash your eyeshadow brushes the night before, this reusable colour removal sponge allows you to quickly switch colours using the same brushes! It'll save you time and keep your eyeshadow look from going muddy!

    4. Got oily skin but love matte foundation? Give these oil control blotting papers a go! Use these to blot your skin of any excess shine throughout the day, helping your makeup look and feel as flawless as it did when you first put it on.

    5. Speaking of eyeshadow, keep your smokey eye in place with this Barry M Lid Lock eyeshadow primer. Pop this onto your lids and blend out before eyeshadow application for a crease-free, smudge-proof eyeshadow look that stays on all day and all night.

    6. Tired of misplacing your beauty sponges? I can relate. This makeup sponge holder will keep your sponge safe and in place – not to mention it's also a super hygienic way to keep your sponge away from any potential germs if left MIA.

    7. Suffer from breakouts? These fast-acting pimple patches are designed to absorb the impurities from your spots, and can even be applied before bedtime (and slept in, FYI) so you can wake up in the morning feeling fresh AF!

    8. Dry patches causing your foundation to flake? Apply this Milk Makeup Vegan Milk moisturiser before putting makeup on. It's got a variety of ingredients such as argan milk and jojoba to really give your skin the TLC it needs to make your makeup last longer.

    9. Avoid any potential runny mascara fiascos with this Technic waterproof mascara thats water-resistant formula is vegan friendly!

    10. A quick and easy-to-use electric eyebrow shaver so you can keep your brows shaped however you please, without having to waste valuable brow product trying to fill in the gaps.

    11. Foundation running on its last legs? Make you sure you get every *last* drop with this Every Drop beauty spatula. It's reusable and washable and has a silicone tip so it won't absorb any of the excess product you're trying to fish out.

    12. Want to save your foundation for another time but still want to add some colour to your face? This Milk Makeup lip and cheek duo will give you that perfect flush in just seconds – and you can even blend it out with your fingers!

    13. A Benefit Gimme Brow volumising brow gel for those mornings when you've woken up late but want your brows to look good. It contains microfibres that adhere to the skin and hair, and its tiny brush means you can really get up in there and create the *perfect* brow.

    14. Ever dropped your favourite powder compact and had it break into tiny little pieces? Fix it with some rubbing alcohol! All you have to do is a add a few drops, smooth it out with your finger and let it air dry overnight. Then it'll be good as new!

    15. This double-ended eyeliner stamp will help you get perfect wings every time. It's got over 5,000 reviews and makeup fanatics are amazed at how easy it is to use!

    16. Go Gaga over this liquid shimmer shadow from Haus Laboratories thats buildable formula allows you to control how intense you want your eyeshadow. It's also fallout-free and smearproof so you can take it from 9am clock-in to 8pm cocktails like a boss.

    17. Say goodbye to false lashes that pop off at the corners of your eyes and hello to this magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit. The eyeliner has micro magnetic particles that the lashes can stick to, staying in place all day.

    18. This Born to Glow foundation from NYX will give you a naturally radiant finish for those days you don't really feel like highlighting your cheeks like a disco ball.

    19. Or if you want a little more coverage, this Max Factor foundation is a 3-in-1 foundation every lazy person needs. Primer, foundation, and concealer ALL in one? Sign me up IMMEDIATELY!

    20. Make sure your makeup stays on all day, yes ALL DAY, with this COTY airspun translucent setting powder. This highly-popular powder has been reviewed over 8,100 times, with people saying it's amazing. So go ahead and set your makeup with confidence!

    21. Chisel your cheeks to your heart's content with these contour and highlight sticks thats easy-to-blend formula will have people think you ~really~ put the effort in. It also comes in a pack of three, so you can find what shades best fit you!

    22. From puffy under eyes to late nights out, this NYX Professional Makeup colour-correcting palette has all the colours you need to effectively conceal and correct, meaning you don't have to use as much foundation if any at all.

    23. Regularly cleaning your brushes means lowering the risk of unwanted bacteria reaching your face So go ahead and keep your face free from contamination with this makeup brush cleansing gel from Real Techniques.

    24. And finally, this Rimmel London setting spray that'll keep your makeup locked in place for up to eight hours.