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    17 Products That Can Help Your Next Cold Be A Little More Bearable

    Colds can be super annoying, but they don't have to be the end of the world.

    1. Cold and flu giving you headaches? This 4head stick gets to work in just two minutes.

    2. In search of some nasal congestion relief? This nasal spray made from 100% natural sea water helps fight off cold and flu symptoms, as well as sinusitis!

    3. This 100% natural cold and flu massage oil has the perfect blend of essential oils to help relieve any aches and pains you might have!

    4. Put your feet up and relax with a cup of lemon, ginger, and manuka honey tea.

    5. Get effective relief with this Lemsip cold and flu lemon flavoured hot drink that helps reduce fever and body aches.

    6. Overcome those super annoying symptoms with some HRI cold and flu echinacea tablets.

    7. Give your immune system what it DESERVES with these black elderberry gummies filled with vitamin C and zinc. Just looking out for ya, babes.

    8. Need to do life stuff but don't want to get out of bed? This foldable bed desk is *exactly* what you need.

    9. Cuddle up with this premium faux fur water bottle that feels so great when you just want to have a stay-at-home day.

    10. Boost immunity and restore health with this healing soup cookbook that's genuinely useful when you really want a hearty soup to make you feel better.

    11. Do you REALLY have a cold if you aren't rubbing your entire body with Vicks Vaporub?

    12. Overcome sore throat pain thanks to this numbing Ultra Chloraseptic honey and lemon throat spray!

    13. Uplift your senses with this dead sea salt bath and shower gel, great for sore and tired muscles!

    14. Keep yourself warm with this super soft luxurious blanket throw that you can get in a variety of colours!

    15. Make sure unwanted germs and bacteria stay at bay with this six-pack of antibacterial hand gel.

    16. When that cold or flu strikes, a cup of tea can be much needed. This travel tea infuser bottle that'll allow you to make tea literally ON THE GO!!!!!

    17. Starting to feel a lil' better but not quite up to doing chores? These unisex microfiber mopping slippers will have your feet feeling comfy and your floors looking clean!