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    15 Products If You're Struggling Now The Days Have Gotten Shorter

    'Cause honestly, everyone should have a portable shower speaker.

    1. This light therapy lamp is super helpful for anyone struggling with winter blues, fatigue, and trouble sleeping.

    2. Boost your energy with these vegan Vitamin D3 capsules, great for days when you're not getting the sunlight you're used to.

    3. Start the day off right with this light-up alarm clock, that comes with adjustable brightness and six alternative sound modes to really perk you up (or get you to sleep!)

    4. Perform the best shower concert of your life with this wireless and water-resistant Bluetooth speaker!

    5. WAKE THE HELL UP with this cooling shower gel, handy for those days when getting out of bed just seems impossible.

    6. This personal AND portable blender is a quick and easy way of getting your five-a-day and all the nutrients your body DESERVES. Did we mention that it's portable?

    7. We know a double-shot espresso seems like the best solution during these shorter days, but don't forget to stay hydrated. This leakproof water infuser bottle is here to keep you super motivated.

    8. Cycle to and from work? Want to stay visible on the roads? These USB-rechargeable and waterproof bicycle lights have four light options to keep you SEEN at night.

    9. This high visibility reflective safety vest is a super handy way of keeping yourself seen if you don't want to let the lack of sunshine take away from your evening jog.

    10. Having a restless night? Why not try this Tisserand pillow spray, infused with jasmine, sandalwood, and lavender.

    11. Winter blues are REAL AF, and sometimes all you want to do is cosy up with a warm blanket and get some snacks. So, go on and watch all the TV and movies you can dream of on Amazon Prime Video!

    12. Treat yourself to this super cosy fleece blanket that has SLEEVES!!!!

    13. This 100% pure essential oils set is perfect for those days when you're in need of a little aromatherapy!

    14. This set of five artificial succulent plants are sure to add some greenery to your personal space – and better yet, won't die due to the lack of sunlight! It's a win win situation!

    15. Winter is definitely coming, so battle the colder temperatures with this super trendy teddy bear fleece jacket that'll look good with nearly anything.