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    20 Products Designed To Make Looking After Your Home Easier

    Keep your home in tip-top shape, honey!

    1. This lemon-scented rim block will help keep your toilet fresh in between deep cleans! It releases cleaning agents every time you flush and repels limescale too.

    2. This mould and mildew-resistant shower curtain contains moisture-proof materials, preventing it from getting gross as quickly as regular ones!

    3. Make sure your bin bags stay leak-free by using this super absorbent Bin Buddy powder. It also contains citronella – a natural repellent that'll keep insects away!

    4. Remove built-up dirt from your Nespresso machine thanks to these powerful cleaning capsules! They get to work in just two minutes and and won't stain or leave any traces behind.

    5. This Dr. Beckmann's stain remover quickly and easily removes even the toughest of stains from your carpets and upholstery!

    6. This air-purifying bag can be hung in your cupboard, in your shoes, in your car, or literally anywhere else you want to get rid of excess odour and moisture! It's 100% fragrance and chemical-free and has a lifespan of two years.

    7. This heavy-duty dishwasher cleaner removes dirt, grease, and limescale, helping to maintain your machine! It'll also get rid of all of that hidden gunk you didn't even know about.

    8. Keep your cooktop clean thanks to these gas stove burner covers that collect food splatters. They're dishwasher safe too!

    9. This powerful kettle descaler drop-in bag will restore your kettle in just ten minutes, so you don't have to worry about limescale in your next cuppa.

    10. This ridiculously cheap degreaser can be used on a multitude of surfaces, all the way from metals to fabrics. It'll also do all of the work for you – no scrubbing required!

    11. This high-impact power scrubber effortlessly lifts away stubborn dirt! It's perfect for difficult-to-reach areas and speeds up cleaning time by up to 57%.

    12. These extremely nifty organisers keep your food neat and categorised, making them a must-have if you share your fridge with housemates.

    13. Get rid of that hard-to-remove limescale buildup on your tap by using this descaler gadget! Simply fill it with cleaning solution and hook it over your tap to submerge the spout.

    14. These Ecozone sticks contain natural bacterias and enzymes that dissolve and break down grease, fat, and other dirt that could potentially clog up your drains!

    15. This collapsible laundry hamper has three compartments to help make dividing your laundry easier, so you don't end up with one red sock in a white wash.

    16. This dryer vent cleaning brush will help remove any lint and other dust particles clogging up your tumble dryer, helping to improve its performance!

    17. Pop these absorbent dehumidifiers around your home! They contain hydrophilic crystals to help draw in moisture from the air and prevent mould and condensation.

    18. I'm so glad I discovered this shower shield solution that'll keep your unit shining in between deep cleans! It prevents limescale and dirt buildup from fingerprints and shower residue.

    19. This powerful steam mop heats up in less than 15 seconds and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria from your floors without the need for any cleaning chemicals.

    20. If you're a messy cook like me, then you'll love these 16L waste bins that fit right under your countertop to help collect food waste.