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    18 Problem-Solving Products I’m Pretty Sure You'll Be Adding To Your Basket ASAP

    These products are absolute game-changers, IMO.

    1. Protect your privacy thanks to this roller stamp that covers large chunks of your personal information quickly and easily. It's fast-drying too!

    2. These non-toxic and odourless moth traps contain pheromones that entice male moths, trapping them and preventing future reproduction.

    3. This self-adhesive frosted film can be applied to your bathroom window (or any window for that matter) in just minutes! It's perfect for adding that extra bit of privacy while taking a bath.

    4. This protector board will provide a strong surface for your sofa cushions to rest on, meaning they'll be less likely to sag over time.

    5. If the stains on your car seats are becoming a nuisance, here's a highly-rated deodorising interior shampoo that'll take them out with ease!

    6. Relieve the cramping and wrist pain from using your keyboard and mouse all day thanks to this memory foam wrist support and ergonomic mouse pad set.

    7. These space-saving collapsible organiser boxes are incredibly convenient, especially if you're looking to finally sort out the clutter in your drawers.

    8. If you hate peeling garlic as much as I do, this nifty garlic roller is going to save you so much time. Simply pop the cloves inside the tube and roll them back and forth on your countertop to reveal fully peeled cloves.

    9. This fast-drying padded bath kneeler will prevent your knees and elbows from going sore the next time you bathe your little one! It even has convenient pockets to help store their toys and bath products.

    10. If you're anything like me and hate wearing shorts because of chafing, then you'll for sure appreciate this anti-chafing gel. It's long-lasting and doesn't have a greasy formula, so you'll be able to go about your day in peace!

    11. This memory foam seat cushion will provide some back and neck relief, as well as help to improve your posture (which has been a tad bit MIA since you started WFH).

    12. This 3D mask bracket clips to the inside of your face mask and is an absolute game-changer. It prevents fogging while wearing glasses, as well as keeping your lipstick smudge-free.

    13. If you're looking to remove blackheads and comedones in the most satisfying way possible, I'm pretty sure you're going to love this 6-in-1 stainless steel blackhead remover tool kit.

    14. These LED dimming stickers will dim the lights on your computer charger, internet router, or any other appliances that keep you up at night.

    15. If your AirPods ever play up because they're in need of a clean, this all-in-one kit contains everything you need to help keep your headphones in pristine condition all day, every day.

    16. These gas stove burner covers make cleaning your hob just that little bit easier by protecting it from food splatters.. They're dishwasher safe too!

    17. This incredibly powerful unblocker effortlessly clears away fats, grease, shower waste, and hair from your drains in just minutes.

    18. This clever soap dish will drain away any excess water naturally and prevent any unsightly soap scum from forming.