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    18 Things To Keep Your Pets Occupied So You Can Finally Get Some Work Done At Home

    Those spreadsheets need filling, Martha.

    1. Keep your dog distracted with their own personal licking pad pad that has suction cups so you can easily attach it to any wall. Just lather some peanut butter on this bad boy and you won't see your doggo for a while.

    2. A track toy that has moving balls for all of your cat's hunting, exercising, and chasing needs!

    3. This purple plush plays soothing sounds and has a touch-activated purr to replicate the feeling of cuddling up with another cat.

    4. This Extreme Dog Toy will help to satisfy your dog's instinctual needs and provide mental stimulation. This extra-strong chew toy is perfect for anxious dogs and can even be filled with their favourite snacks!

    5. Stay undisturbed thanks to these natural wooden apple sticks that are suitable for your rabbit, guinea pig, or any other rodent pet – they'll probably be chewing them for the entire day!

    6. A squirrel hide-and-seek toy that your pup might just become obsessed with! This nifty puzzle game will keep them occupied, and challenge their brain too.

    7. This multi-level scratching post is easy to build and has three viewing spots, a tunnel, and a cat house that'll keep your cat(s) occupied for hours.

    8. Chop and fill your rodent friend's favourite treats into this colourful enrichment toy that's sure to keep them entertained and active while you finish your work day!

    9. Make sure your pet bird stays amused thanks to this ten-piece toy set made from natural wood and non-toxic materials that are safe for them to play with.

    10. Keep your kittens happy with this highly durable hammock that you can easily attach to your window thanks to its incredibly powerful suction cups! It can withstand up to 10kg worth of weight, so most cats will find this a treat.

    11. This rosewood boredom breaker will have your rodent BFF gnawing its way through to reach the woodroll for a delicious carrot and seed filling.

    12. An automatic water fountain to capture your cat's attention and keep them hydrated at the same time! It's got a carbon filter to help keep the water pure, and an LED light so you'll always know when it needs refilling.

    13. A catnip-filled toy that your kitty cat might just go ~bananas~ for, so you can get that admin you've been meaning to finish since Monday done.

    14. Perfect for both cats and dogs, this stimulating activity mat will help to exercise their brain! It uses a novel design that allows your pet to challenge themselves by finding the treats and kibble you've hidden inside, keeping their brains at work and their spirits high for hours.

    15. A foldable playpen that's perfect for pets like guinea pigs who are probably used to a caged environment.

    16. An elevated dog bed with a detachable canopy that's perfect for both outdoors and indoors, so your doggo can relax while you're trying to do your work.

    17. A tennis ball launcher toy, so you can play fetch with your dog in between video calls.

    18. Treat your pet to this self-heating pad! It's incredibly safe to use, uses no electricity or harsh chemicals, and works by reflecting your pet's own body heat.