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    19 Party Games To Help Make Your Nights In A Whole Lot More Fun

    Get the dice rolling babes!

    1. Have a go at playing the world's smallest beer pong game! Perfect for those who have little space or don't want to drink as much, this classic game is a definite party starter.

    2. You've heard of Snakes and Ladders, now feast your eyes on Snakes and Bladdered – a super fun twist on the classic board game, only this time you'll definitely be in for a drink (or two).

    3. Ever slid into someone's DMs? Well, *now* it's time to turn off the charm and turn ON the fun. The aim of this game is to pair your funniest reply card with the judge's DM card, with the smoothest and most hilarious match winning.

    4. Are you a '90s baby? Turn back time with this '90s bingo game that comes with 64 tokens, 12 randomised bingo cards, and instructions on how to play (if you didn't know already).

    5. Bring the arcade to you thanks to this instant air hockey game that's *sure* to bring the competition to your home! All it requires is a smooth table and some AAA batteries to get going.

    6. We all have a dirty mind, so why not take it out for a spin with this incredibly hilarious movie game?! You've got 60 seconds to think of your best pun and innuendo, and the funniest delivery wins!

    7. This electric shock game is definitely a blast from the past! All you have to do is watch for the light to change colour and quickly push your button to avoid being zapped!

    8. Looking for an excuse to get the gin out? Well, now you can with this super easy-to-learn drinking card game!

    9. We've all ended up on the weird side of the Internet, haven't we? Well, now there's a party game about it! This game will give you the first half of a Google search, and you write down the rest – the best guess wins.

    10. Love Pictionary? Then you'll ~love~ this Ready, Steady, Sculpt! game. Take turns to sculpt different celebrities while your teammates try to guess who you're making – all whilst trying to beat the clock!

    11. Have you got a collection of embarrassing photos of your friends and family living in your camera roll? Well, you'll DEFINITELY need them if you want to play Don't Look At Me!

    12. Think you know your RuPaul's Drag Race queens? Think again! Time to prove your knowledge with this card game that's sure to spark up some Drag Race debates.

    13. Play a game of laser tag with these mini laser tag guns that are small enough to fit on your keychain! They come in a pair so you can play with a family member or a housemate – first one to lose three lives loses!

    14. Think you know your movies? Challenge fellow movie buffs with this Blockbuster party game that'll have you acting, describing, and quoting your way through 200 classic movies.

    15. It's about to get super personal with this hilarious yes or no game that quite ~literally~ puts you and other players in the hot seat! Perfect for nights in with your friends and family, this game will definitely bring you closer.

    16. Ever wondered what drinking games were like around the world? Well, feast your eyes on Destination Drunk – a compilation of 15 drinking games from around the globe!

    17. Play a massive game of 'would you rather' with this card game packed with 250 hilarious scenarios that you and the ones you're playing with can choose from (or not, TBH).

    18. Or how about a game of dodgeball that involves throwing an adorable squishy burrito around?! No seriously, you collect cards, earn points, and hurl a burrito at your opponents.

    19. Think you can do better than your opponent? Well, challenge them to a game of Beat That! This game includes 160 extremely daft tasks that each player must attempt – the best attempt wins!