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    17 Products For Anyone Who's Moved Back In With Their Parents During Lockdown

    Because living under their roof again can take some getting used to!

    1. These noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones, so you can block out unwanted noise while you're working from the kitchen table.

    2. Some easy-to-peel-off food container labels so you can make sure everyone knows whose leftovers those are.

    3. Keep on top of chores and household tasks thanks to this magnetic dry wipe chore whiteboard, so your family can stop arguing about whose turn it is to take out the bins.

    4. Working from home? Make sure you have your privacy with this "Do Not Disturb" sign that can be adjusted depending on the situation!

    5. How about a tablet stand that you can mount onto pretty much any surface, so you can catch up on your favourite shows without having to leave the comfort of your own bed.

    6. These adjustable, noise-cancelling silicone earplugs are perfect for anyone who's not used to living with a full house again.

    7. A pack of self-adhesive cable labels so you can easily identify which chargers belong to who!

    8. A rechargeable LED reading light with adjustable brightness levels, so you can keep up with the book you're reading, without running up your parent's electricity bill.

    9. A collapsible 60L laundry basket that'll help you divide your colours and your lights, so you don't have to worry about those red socks turning your clothes pink!

    10. Stocked up on snacks but don't want your family getting their hands on them? Why not splash the cash on this quiet-operating, lightweight 6L mini fridge.

    11. Working from home can be a pain, so why not work in luxury with this portable laptop desk! It even comes with a cup holder, so you can enjoy your morning coffee in bed.

    12. Sitting at your kitchen table for work doing your neck in? Ease some tension with this deep tissue shiatsu neck and back massager!

    13. Create a calming vibe as you drift off to sleep with this white noise machine that comes with 20 soothing natural sounds built-in for you to choose from.

    14. These noise-dampening stick-on bumper pads are perfect for when you're craving a midnight snack but don't want to wake up your parents.

    15. Staying with your parents for longer than expected? Free up some much-needed space with these adjustable furniture risers you can put underneath your bed.

    16. No one wants to be that person when it comes to leaving nasty smells in the bathroom. Do your parents a favour and invest in some V.I.Poo, a nifty toilet spray that'll help leave the loo smelling fresh.

    17. This incredibly handy 4head stick will help get rid of headaches in just two minutes! Perfect for those days when you and your parents are just *not* seeing eye to eye.