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    17 Affordable Products To Help Make Your Home Smell So Much Better

    If you're spending all your time there, it may as well smell good.

    1. This hand-crafted, espresso-scented candle has the perfect blend of almond milk, dark cacao, and patchouli to help make your home smell heavenly.

    2. Have your home smelling like freshly-washed sheets thanks to this fresh cotton-scented candle thats glass holder makes it look so fancy.

    3. These white lavender incense cones might be tiny in size, but they're mighty in impact. All you have to do is light the tip of the cone for it to get to work – and when it does, the scent will fill the entire room.

    4. This 100% natural room spray has lavender, bergamot, and ylang ylang to help calm those who are feeling a little stressed out.

    5. This honey and nectar candle has notes of pear and apple for added sweetness, and can we talk about its blue and gold ceramic jar?? STUNNING.

    6. This hand-poured candle is made from soy wax and has a glorious tobacco blossom and vanilla scent, not to mention it's housed in a reusable mug!

    7. Nobody likes a smelly bin, so here's a Bin Buddy that works by soaking up liquids, eliminating smell, and using citronella to repel flies and insects!

    8. These patchouli incense sticks are long-lasting and will smell so good in your home.

    9. Everybody poops, but that doesn't mean you want the odour to linger in your home! This V.I.Poo toilet spray will create a barrier around your toilet bowl and mask any unwanted smells!

    10. In need of some aromatherapy? This lemongrass essential oil is super uplifting and is perfect for anyone who's in need of a boost.

    11. This odour-neutralising deodoriser for your cat's litter tray will get rid of those potent smells – all whilst being completely natural and safe for your 'lil kitty.

    12. Pop these scented liners in your drawers, cupboards, or wardrobes, so whenever you open them you get a whiff of floral goodness!

    13. I mean, who wouldn't want a mojito cocktail-scented candle that smells good enough to drink?!

    14. An air-purifying charcoal bag you can hang in your wardrobe to absorb that unpleasant musty smell (you know what I'm talking about).

    15. Cedarwood helps to deodorise indoor environments, so this adorable scented candle from H&M could be a cute addition to your home.

    16. Indulge in this black pomegranate and rose diffuser oil – you can use it with a reed diffuser or an electric essential oil one!

    17. An air neutraliser to help get rid of all lingering odours (such as smoke) without just masking the scent – it literally removes it from the source!