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    22 Home Decor Products To Help Make Your House Look Fancy As Hell

    Give your home the makeover it DESERVES!


    1. This minimalist bedside lamp has three USB ports, so you can charge your devices as easy as 1,2,3 – and the lamp doesn't even have to be on for you to do so!

    2. A silk pillowcase won't just look super luxe in your bedroom, it'll also basically be part of your beauty routine! Silk doesn't absorb your hair's natural oils like regular pillowcases, and can help you wake up to locks that are smooth and less knotted. Goodbye bed head!

    3. This celestial jewellery stand will have your bedroom looking lush AF – and at such a reasonable price too!

    4. A round floating shelf unit that'll give your bedroom (or wherever you put it, TBH) a modern chic upgrade, if I do say so myself.

    5. This set of two blush pink cushion covers will be a ~welcome~ addition to your bedroom! Made from premium velvet, stain-resistant fabric, they're a definite must-have.

    6. Just 'cause laundry can be tedious, doesn't mean you have to have an ugly laundry basket. This 72L, foldable bamboo hamper featuring a removable lining is a home decor MOMENT.


    7. An indoor herb garden kit that's not only stylish, but extremely useful too. It comes with a planter box, three rustic pots, growing medium, and seeds!

    8. These self-adhesive wall tiles are a great way of upgrading your kitchen decor with minimal effort and commitment!

    9. Feel like you're living in 3020 with this USB-rechargeable, touchless soap dispenser that works using infrared sensors.

    10. Let's be honest – if you put your food in storage jars, then you've most likely got your life together (I could only dream of being that organised, TBH). These 0.9L glass storage containers have stainless steel screw caps and will make your pantry staples look luxe AF.

    11. Who knew salt and pepper grinders could look so fancy?!?! These versatile grinders can be used for various herbs and spices, and have an adjustable milling depending on whether you want things to be fine or coarse.


    12. This ionic shower head increases water pressure whilst saving water. It'll also filter out limescale, so it's great if you live in a hard-water area.

    13. Feel like royalty whenever you pop in or out of the shower thanks to this incredibly soft memory foam bath mat. It's non-slip, washable, and super absorbent!

    14. Have the spa night of your ~dreams~ once you get your hands on this seriously lavish bamboo bath tray – equipped with a wine glass holder, detachable book/tablet rest, phone stand, and candle holder!

    15. These wall-mounted shelves are made from heat-resistant, damp-proof, high-quality wood – so they're perfect to have in the bathroom.

    16. Keep your bathroom smelling as fresh as can be with this handmade, sweet orange-scented candle. It's got a burn time of 20 hours and looks waaaay too sleek for its own good, if you ask me.


    17. This LED colour-changing TV backlight is perfect for creating a whole new ~vibe~ in your living room.

    18. This essential oil diffuser has benefits such as helping you sleep better and preventing your throat from getting scratchy and dry.

    19. A simple-yet-stylish coffee table, 'cause where else would you put your hardcover books that you never read?! It's really easy to assemble too!

    20. If you're looking for a modern yet minimalistic way of storing your wines, then this geometric wine rack is going to be RIGHT up your street!

    21. These self-adhesive mirror stickers are easy-to-use and they're renter-friendly.

    22. Finally, a rustic brown storage rack with seven compartments that I've personally fallen in love with. Modern? Check. Chic? Check. Easy-to-assemble? Check!