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    25 Gifts Under £30 For That Person You Don't Know Very Well But Need To Buy A Gift For

    For the distant DISTANT cousin you only see during the holidays.

    1. This set of assorted teas that are so good even Oprah Winfrey loves them.

    2. Who could resist this mega adorable kitten calendar which will have them saying "aww" every time they turn over a new month.

    3. This LED light box that'll give the giftee's home a nice, cosy touch.

    4. This Amazon Echo Dot speaker so they can listen to 'Truth Hurts' by Lizzo for the 8574675th time this year.

    5. This rose-scented body and bath selection so they can have a pamper night-in!

    6. They won't be able to resist the ~cuteness~ of this sloth power bank that they can use when their phone goes from 100 to 0.

    7. This adorable six-pack of tealight candles that'll make the nicest home decor.

    8. This signature fragrance by Vera Wang so they can smell like Bulgarian rose, calla lily, and mandarin flower.

    9. This chocolate games controller is a tasty treat for the niece or nephew you don't see that much.

    10. Or maybe this personalised water bottle that's honestly ideal for anyone who's been wanting to get on top of their hydration game lately.

    11. These battery-powered LED star fairy lights they can decorate their bedroom or garden patio with!

    12. Or maybe this Yankee Candle scented tea light gift set that has a scent for every mood

    13. This selfie ring light is a great little tool for anyone looking to upgrade their selfie game.

    14. You honestly can't go wrong when it comes to bath bombs and bath melts, so I just know this handmade wrapped gift pack will go down a treat.

    15. This Green & Black's tasting collection of boxed chocolates is perfect for that last minute gift for the person you didn't even know you had to get a gift for.

    16. This hot water bottle and eye mask set because let's face it – everybody deserves a good night's sleep.

    17. These luxury bed socks even come personalised so it'll *totally* look like you put the effort in.

    18. This hot chocolate selection 'cause let's face it, you might not know the person that well but who doesn't like a hot chocolate????

    19. This 100 albums scratch-off bucket list so their 2020 is filled with music they might not have listened to before!

    20. These cosy wosy cotton slippers for the Secret Santa gift you've been meaning to get your work colleague.

    21. This ~seriously~ cute panda mug that they'll want to drink out of every day just so they can see its little face!!!!

    22. This three-pack of pure clay face masks for the distant aunt you only see during family functions.

    23. This incredibly cool weekly erase board planner that's *honestly* a vibe.

    24. What about this snakeskin-effect leather passport cover which will make them feel oh-so lavish they next time they travel.

    25. They'll thank you for treating them to this Cath Kidston assorted hand cream trio, 'cause I mean, who WOULDN'T???