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    9 Highly-Rated Gadgets Under £20 You Can Use Every Day

    'Cause everyone needs an antibacterial chopping board.

    1. Looking for a bit more privacy? Here's a six-pack of webcam covers that can slide open and close.

    2. Perform the best concert of your life with this mini, portable, AND waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker that you can use in the shower.

    3. Looking to get your juice fix and quick? This personal-sized, portable blender makes perfect pours in just seconds.

    4. Keep germs at bay with these colour-coded plastic chopping boards!

    5. Leave tangles behind now you've got this cord organiser in your life.

    6. Keep your smartphone free of fingerprints and smudges by using this 2-in-1 stylus pen.

    7. Hate chopping onions? These onion goggles will protect your eyes from onion vapours! Bye bye tears.

    8. How about this versatile coffee grinder that can also grind nuts, spices, and herbs!

    9. Take your tech to the next level with this 2-in-1 iPhone and Apple Watch wireless charging pad.