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    Here Are 13 Cruelty Free And Vegan Makeup Products Worth Buying

    No testing on animals here.

    1. This 32-shade eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution is literally the only palette you're EVER going to need.

    2. This EX1 foundation has a lightweight, luminous formula designed to adapt to your skin's natural tone!

    3. Upgrade your makeup routine with this vegan makeup brush set, that has 16 brushes for literally every reason you could think of.

    4. Give your cheeks that pop of colour with this radiant 3INA blush!

    5. If you want MORE blush, (cause who wouldn't want more blush??) then this E.L.F. Cosmetics powder blush palette is for you!

    6. If you want TOTAL control of your foundation coverage, then this sheer-to-full coverage drop foundation from NYX Professional Makeup might just be your brand new ride or die!

    7. Want a chiselled out look? Then feast your eyes on this professional contour palette from Makeup Revolution.

    8. Embrace the colder season with this six-piece matte lipstick set, that's long-lasting AND waterproof.

    9. If you're looking to take your makeup collection to that luxury level, why not go for the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit!

    10. Make sure your highlight is POPPIN' with this Sleek MakeUP highlighting palette, suitable for ALL skin tones!

    11. Wear your wings like Lady Gaga, now that she's launched beauty! This liquid eyeliner from Haus Laboratories is a staple that you're going to NEED.

    12. Perfect eyebrows that last for days? Sign me up, hun! This long lasting eyebrow gel from WUNDER2 is exactly what you need!

    13. With all this makeup, you're going to want it to stay in place, right? Why not give this long-lasting setting spray from NYX Professional Makeup a go?