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    17 Beauty Products That Are Gross And Satisfying At The Same Time

    So gross, yet so good.

    1. An exfoliating foot peeling mask that'll help to remove dead skin and repair cracked heels.

    2. This USB-rechargeable blackhead remover vacuum uses suction to get all of that dirt and gunk out of your pores!

    3. A natural exfoliating body mitt that'll help to remove dead skin!

    4. This peeling solution from The Ordinary will have you looking like you've just had one of those vampire facials.

    5. This waterproof, battery-powered ear and nose hair trimmer can be used by anyone!

    6. These pimple healing patches are designed to absorb the impurities from your breakouts, and get to work in just 4-8 hours!

    7. Always got a white tongue? This copper tongue scraper will keep your breath fresh and your tongue pink as it removes layers of bacteria.

    8. This Maybelline Eyebrow tattoo brow tint gel that you're going to absolutely love peeling off.

    9. This ingrown toenail kit will help you reshape and change the angle of your toenail, so they stop growing inwards!

    10. This charcoal peel-off face mask will help to get rid of your blackheads, deeply cleansing your skin and leaving your skin feeling smoother and cleaner.

    11. This ear wax removal syringe kit dislodges stubborn wax without damaging the ears!

    12. You're going to love using these natural bamboo and charcoal blotting papers.

    13. Want to take care of your nails? This nail cuticle fork will help remove dead skin and trim cuticles without having to go to for a manicure.

    14. This gold peel-off mask is as luxurious as it is satisfying.

    15. Get rid of tartar and plaque with this rechargeable tartar scraper that comes in three adjustable cleaning modes to fit to your own personal needs.

    16. How about this electronic foot file that'll *literally* sand away the dead skin on your feet.

    17. A six-piece blackhead extractor set so you can see and feel the satisfaction of all of that nasty sebum coming out of your pores.