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    18 Self-Grooming Products You Can Try Now That The Barbers Are Closed

    Let's get grooming, lads!

    1. This Beard Buddy attaches to your mirror thanks to its suction cups and catches all of your facial hair clippings so you don't have to worry about clogging the drain.

    2. Looking for baby-smooth skin? Well, this super close shave formula is here to help! Its hydrating and protective formula means you can shave with ease and say goodbye to razor burn.

    3. This bamboo razor from Bulldog is environmentally friendly and has an aloe vera strip to help lubricate the skin!

    4. Keep your beard and moustache groomed thanks to this five-piece grooming kit that'll help you style your facial hair as well as keep it conditioned and hydrated.

    5. Give yourself a fresh trim with this professional hair razor that comes with six adjustable guide combs! It's also waterproof so you can use it in the shower too.

    6. Maintain those eyebrows with this dermaplaning tool that you can even use to get rid rid of finer hairs and dead skin!

    7. Trim your nose and ear hairs with this super handy ray gun trimmer – all you have to do is pull the trigger and let it do the work for you!

    8. This glycolic acid facial cleanser is paraben free and will help get rid of daily dirt and built-up grime! It's also got chamomile and aloe vera to help keep the skin nourished and protected.

    9. This highly-conditioning beard shampoo will deep clean your beard without stripping away its natural oils and will leave your beard feeling soft and manageable!

    10. Say sayonara to blemishes and blackheads with this purifying charcoal peel-off mask that you'll definitely be seeing instant results with!

    11. Make life soooo much easier with this 3-in-1 shampoo from L'Oréal that'll wash your beard, hair, and face! Gently cleansing and enriched with cedarwood oil, this shampoo is a triple threat.

    12. If your moustache is in need of grooming, this high-quality scissor and comb set is perfect for anyone wanting to tame their whiskers.

    13. Style your moustache with this super easy-to-use wax that's formulated with 100% natural ingredients!

    14. Looking for an exfoliant that *really* puts in the work? This pineapple and papaya enzyme scrub is literally the bee's knees. It instantly lifts away dirt, grime, and dead skin thanks to its glue-like consistency and is worth every penny IMO.

    15. Not digging that "just woke up" look? Reduce puffing and swelling by using this jade roller and scraping tool set that you can use to massage your skin, helping to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

    16. Look after your beard with this conditioning beard oil that softens, smooths, and heightens beard growth!

    17. Take care of your skin post-shave with this aftershave balm that's honestly *perfect* for sensitive skin. It's got baobab oil, oat oil, and willow herb to nourish the skin, and is super affordable too!

    18. This 10-in-1 professional hair cutting set is great for anyone who just can't wait to go back to the barbers.