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    18 Thoughtful Gifts To Send Your Partner If You're Not Self-Isolating Together

    What better way to tell them you miss (and love) them?!

    1. Pamper your partner with this luxurious bath and body set they can *definitely* indulge in!

    2. Has your partner got a sweet tooth? Send them this personalised box of chocolates that's as thoughtful as it is tasty!

    3. This celebratory relationship book is seriously adorable! It contains 28 pages worth of celebrations you can personalise and even comes with a poem! 10/10, I must say.

    4. Send them this hand-poured candle that comes in five gorgeous-smelling scents for you to choose from – you can even personalise the jar with a written message from the heart!

    5. Want to put a smile on your S.O's face? Tell them all the things you love about them in this super chic (and incredibly sleek) message box they'll definitely be happy to get in the post!

    6. This luxury food and drink hamper comes with two packs of extra strong coffee, delicious espresso chocolate, and handmade shortbread – ideal if they're working from home!

    7. Send them a bottle of this British raspberry and honey gin – this expertly crafted drink will surely go down a treat!

    8. Or if they're not a gin person, this bottle of Sauvignon Blanc comes with a box of luxury truffle chocolates, perfect for a Friday (or any day of the week, tbh) night in.

    9. How about this candle-making craft kit that comes with step-by-step instructions, so they can keep themselves and the people they're isolating with occupied?!

    10. A personalised long-distance relationship cushion that shows your partner how much you love and miss them!

    11. If you're looking for a gift that'll make your S.O giggle, these personalised pun socks are sure to do the trick! All you have to do is add your faces on and Prezzybox will do the rest!

    12. This heated pillow (that looks like the CUTEST piece of toast, BTW) is a must-have if your partner is need of a really good hug.

    13. This incredibly cute mini desk vacuum so they can keep their workspace as clean as can be!

    14. Give them a new hobby thanks to this beer-making kit that can make up to nearly two six-packs of incredibly flavoursome beer!

    15. This afternoon tea hamper is *totally ideal* if you know your S.O likes a cuppa! It even comes with Scottish shortbread for them to dunk in their tea.

    16. A box of three prosecco-scented bath bombs so they can bathe in their own fizzy cocktail!

    17. If they're in need of some maintenance, bring the barber to them with this six-piece beard care set that'll have them grooming their beard in no time.

    18. This A5 colouring book will provide your partner with hours of relaxation.