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    17 Low-Key Gifts Under £20 For The Person You've Just Started Dating

    We know it's only been a month.

    1. This gorgeous selection of bath bombs that will make it look like you put in much more thought than you ~actually~ did!

    2. Do they love coffee? Why not give them a set of two espresso mugs from Le Creuset?

    3. Don't know what to get him? This bath and shower kit from Baylis & Harding comes with a sleek and stylish wash bag that'll have him feeling oh-so sophisticated.

    4. This adorable splatter cat mug is a great way to tell them you think they're purrfect.

    5. This celestial wire photo frame that they can put one of their favourite memories in!

    6. This Nutella ultimate selection box is an absolute dream for anyone who likes to eat chocolate spread out of the jar with a spoon!

    7. This ~insanely~ cute alpaca heating pad for them to hug when they're not hugging you.

    8. This Christmas candle gift set has a 4.5-star rating and has a scent for every mood.

    9. Have they got a sweet tooth? This Green & Black's tasting collection gift set is ideal for anyone who just looooves chocolate.

    10. If you really want to make it look like you put some thought and time into their present, this personalised scarf lets you put their initials on it for a super meaningful gift.

    11. Are they a fan of spirits? Got some old vodka lying around? With this gin making kit they'll be able to turn their vodka into tasty artisan gin in less than a week!

    12. Does she love Charlotte Tilbury? Treat her to this set of three miniature lipsticks that are honestly *perfect* for everyday use.

    13. What about this mini pressed floral hanging frame that they can hang in their bedroom?

    14. This Bluetooth wireless speaker so they can blast out their favourite tunes wherever and whenever they want! Stormzy anyone?

    15. If they love cheese they'll love this round slide-out cheeseboard and knife set!

    16. This six-pack of nourishing hand creams is a really thoughtful gift TBH. Taking care of their hands during these winter months? If that isn't romance then I don't know what is.

    17. Finally, these memory foam slippers for when you just ~really~ don't know what to get them.