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    9 Genius Products If You're Always The Coldest Person In The Office

    Turn the heating up, love.

    1. These USB-heated fingerless gloves will warm up your hands in no time.

    2. This super soft throw blanket has over 1,455 reviews and is sure to keep you cosy and warm whilst working.

    3. Make your co-workers jealous with this mini desk heater that heats up in two seconds!

    4. Say goodbye to cold hands with this USB heated mouse pad!

    5. This beverage warmer is a great way to keep your drinks hot, even if you forget to drink them!

    6. These unisex thermal socks are perfect for when the office temperature is just NOT cutting it.

    7. Keep your ears toasty, all whilst listening to your favourite music, thanks to these chunky earmuff headphones.

    8. Make sure your feet stay comfy, cosy, and warm with this foot warmer that requires no electricity.

    9. Be the star of the office, thanks to this pack of 90 assorted tea bags.