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    23 Genius Life-Hack Products Future You Will Thank You For Buying Today

    Live smarter, not harder!

    1. Difficult-to-clean areas of your house will be *no match* for this incredibly powerful Sonic Scrubber that speeds up cleaning time by up to 57% and does all the work for you!

    2. Keep your home in tip-top shape thanks to this incredibly effective mould and mildew remover gel. It can be used on various types of surfaces, and all you have to do is apply before bedtime and wipe clean the next morning.

    3. Upgrade your life (and your kitchen) with these heat-resistant silicone stove gap covers. They're ideal for preventing dirt build-up and food spillage between your counter and stove top, especially if they're hard-to-reach areas.

    4. Are you self-proclaimed nail biter? Having trouble growing your nails out? Apply this clear bitter-tasting nail treatment to discourage nail-biting and encourage future nail growth!

    5. If you love eyeshadow but hate fallout, go ahead and upgrade your life by using these super handy eyeshadow shields. They'll catch any potential fallout so you don't have to worry about your perfectly applied face getting ruined!

    6. Folding clothes will no longer be a chore, once you get this clothes folding board in your hands! This time-saving invention is a must-have for anyone who wants their clothes folded with minimum effort (me, duh!).

    7. This fast-heating portable steamer is the ultimate game-changer when you don't have any time to get out the ironing board. It'll iron, disinfect, and take the dust out of your clothes, and can even be used on your carpet, bedding, cushions, and so much more!

    8. Keep your bed sheets *firmly in place* without damaging the fabric (or making them wrinkle!) with these super high-quality adjustable sheet suspenders!

    9. A bedside organiser so you can keep your essential items (i.e phone, food, and snacks) within arm's reach, and not scattered on the floor.

    10. This copper tongue scraper will clean the heck out your tongue! Use it to remove bacteria, improve your sense of taste, and get fresher breath in no time!

    11. Use these collagen-infused under-eye patches to reduce the look of fatigue and dullness, all whilst adding moisture (thanks to the added hyaluronic acid) and improving your skin's texture too!

    12. Hang this odour-neutralising bag in your cupboard, in your shoes, in your car, literally anywhere you want to get rid of excess odour and moisture! It's 100% fragrance and chemical free, and has a lifespan of two years.

    13. This washing machine and dishwasher cleaner is specially designed to clean, freshen, and descale your machines. It'll get rid of stubborn limescale and detergent that has built up over time, helping your machines perform at their best.

    14. Make easy work out of a hard chore, thanks to this two-piece microfibre cleaner set for your blinds (and other hard-to-reach areas), so you can *finally* say goodbye to unwanted dust!

    15. This powerful kettle descaler drop-in bag will restore your kettle in just a few minutes, so you don't have to worry about the thought of limescale the next time you have a cuppa!

    16. Give your tiles a second lease of life thanks to this grout reviver pen that restores tile grout and protects them in the process. The anti-bacterial agents inside help prevent mould build-up from reappearing as well!

    17. The rubber bristles in this squeegee broom will help to easily remove even the most *stubborn* hairs from your carpet that have been embedded in there for as long as you can remember. It's also great for outdoor use too!

    18. If your floors are in need of some TLC, treat them with this easy-to-use floor restorer! It's perfect to use on most floor surfaces, and will even fill in scratches and protect your floor in the long run from further damage.

    19. Are wearing masks causing you to break out? We get it. These hydrocolloid patches treat pimple-prone skin overnight (or whenever you want, TBH) so you can wake up in the morning blemish-free!

    20. It's *time* to invest in some satin pillowcases! Unlike usual cotton pillowcases, these satin ones won't absorb moisture, meaning you won't wake up with frizzy or tangled hair in the morning!

    21. Control your oily skin with these environmentally-friendly natural blotting papers that rapidly absorb excess oil and grease from your face, controlling shine without any added powder!

    22. Running out of foundation? Make you sure you get your money's worth thanks to this Every Drop beauty spatula! It's a reusable and washable silicone spatula that won't absorb any of the excess product you're trying to fish out.

    23. Crush and mince garlic in a jiffy, thanks to this incredibly useful garlic rocker press that's going to save you SO. MUCH. TIME in the kitchen! Peeling, who? Dicing, what? Yeah, we don't know her!