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    19 Game-Changing Products That Future You Will Thank You For Buying Today

    Give yourself a pat on the back for levelling your life up.

    1. Reach difficult-to-clean areas easily thanks to this incredibly powerful Sonic Scrubber that speeds up cleaning time by up to 57%!

    2. Turn your home into a before and after picture with this super effective mould and mildew remover gel that can be used on various types of surfaces.

    3. Say farewell to hardened skin and hello to baby smooth feet thanks to this electronic foot file that gets rid of cracked heels and dead skin in just minutes.

    4. Everybody poops, but that doesn't mean you have to have a rough time doing it! Encourage better bowel movements thanks to this highly nifty squatty potty stool!

    5. This portable clothes steamer is an ultimate game-changer when you don't have any time to get out the ironing board.

    6. Prone to biting your nails? Apply this clear bitter-tasting nail polish to discourage nail-biting and encourage future nail growth!

    7. Bored of expensive cleansers and non eco-friendly makeup wipes? Save your skin and your wallet, thanks to this magic makeup removal cloth!

    8. These super useful meal-prep containers have three compartments to help keep your food separated, and are even dishwasher-friendly!

    9. These kitchen silicone gap covers are ideal for preventing dirt build-up and food spillage between your counter and stove top, especially if they're hard-to-reach areas.

    10. Cooking can cause a lot of splash-back, so why not invest in this stainless steel splash guard, and let future you thank you in the future.

    11. Hate folding clothes? Level up with this clothes folding board that'll save you time and effort!

    12. Prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs after shaving and waxing with this tea tree oil balm that's perfect for those intimate areas.

    13. Does your eyeshadow get patchy at the end of the day? Why not give this eyeshadow primer from NYX Professional Makeup a try?

    14. These self-watering globes are a game-changer if you're a plant parent who forgets to water their plants. Trust me, it happens.

    15. Take care of your scalp with this scalp massager designed to stimulate cells for hair growth, as well as the removal of dandruff too!

    16. This five-piece kitchen knife set isn't just a feast on the eyes, they're made from superior quality stainless steel and have finely sharpened titanium-plated non-stick blades, so they'll upgrade your chopping skills too!

    17. If you've got AirPods, then you'll most definitely need this all-in-one cleaning kit to help keep your headphones in pristine condition all day, every day.

    18. Keep your bed sheets firmly in place with without damaging the fabric with these adjustable sheet suspenders!

    19. Get the most out of your toothpaste and your money, thanks to these rolling tubes that'll help you get every penny's worth.