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    Mar 29, 2020

    17 Fun And Useful Products To Keep Your Kids Occupied While They're Staying At Home

    Here are some things to make sure they never get bored.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Test their knowledge with this Disney and Pixar trivia quiz game!


    Perfect for a movie marathon night, this trivia quiz is *sure* to keep them occupied!

    Price: £4.99.

    2. If they're a fan of Star Wars, this stunning 201-piece Millennium Falcon jigsaw puzzle will definitely put them to the test.


    Fun yet sleek-looking, this should keep them occupied for a while and will look pretty great once it's done!

    Price: £9.99.

    3. Let them show their artistic side thanks to these paint-your-own suncatchers.

    John Lewis

    Painting these suncatchers can help to develop their hand-eye coordination, plus it's a way for them to express their creativity!

    Price: £6.00.

    4. This DIY lip balm kit is just the thing if they enjoy getting creative!

    Not on the High Street

    Everything in the kit is ready weighed out, so all they'll need to do is follow the instructions!

    FYI: to melt the butters for the lip balm, you'll need to use a hob, so adult supervision is advised!

    Price: £19.95.

    5. Do your kids watch countless slime videos online? Well, let them make their *own* with this super nifty DIY slime kit!

    John Lewis

    With this DIY slime kit, you and your child will be able to create lots of different slimes in a variety of colours – not to mention, learning about all of their chemical properties whilst doing it!

    FYI: suitable for little ones aged eight and up, adult supervision is advised!

    Price: £19.99.

    6. This retro gaming mat has over 200 built-in games and is a really great way to keep your kids active!


    Easily accessible and fun for ALL ages, this retro gaming mat can be plugged into most large-screen TVs! So whether you're a little kid or a grown up adult, this nostalgic gaming mat is sure to fuel some much-appreciated family fun.

    Price: £24.99.

    7. Take them on a trip to Hogwarts with this Harry Potter whomping willow LEGO set.

    John Lewis

    Ideal for Harry Potter fans aged eight and up, this three-tier castle set comes with a castle, character figurines, and a Ford Anglia to keep them thoroughly entertained.

    Price: £57.49.

    8. Turn your kids into superheroes with this personalised unicorn cape they'll be able to colour in themselves!

    Not on the High Street

    Not only will this DIY colour-in cape keep them busy, it also comes with seven permanent fabric pens (so you don't have to go outside and buy them yourself). Perfect for when you've got to work or are just trying to juggle ten things at once, your kids are going to love this.

    Price: £25.00.

    9. Keep them busy with these mini laser tag pistols they can battle it out with!


    These mini laser tag pistols come in a pair so they can play with siblings, and the first one to lose three lives loses the game!

    Price: £14.99.

    10. You'll be calling them mini master chefs once they get this mug cake recipe book in their hands!


    These mug cakes are easy to make and get to cooking in just three short minutes in the microwave! With over 30 recipes for them to choose from, this will definitely keep them from getting bored and make a welcome break from the TV.

    Price: £7.99.

    11. Let their artistic side run free with this paint-your-own dinosaur money box! They'll be able to get creative and learn about the importance of saving their coins!

    John Lewis

    'Cause who wouldn't want to paint their own dinosaur money box?! It comes with a brush and six paint pots included so your child's imagination can run free, painting their dinosaur however they please!

    Price: £8.00.

    12. This bath bomb making kit is the perfect way for your kids to have fun and learn about science at the same time.


    Do your kids love bath bombs? Of course they do! They'll learn how to make bath bombs in no time, and learn a few things on the way too!

    FYI: this bath bomb kit works with ingredients that require adult supervision, so a grown up should always be present when making these!

    Price: £11.99.

    13. A timeless personalised Disney book to *really* make them think they're right there in the story.


    Choose from five classic Disney titles, and add your own personal message too! It's the perfect keepsake that your child will love.

    Price: £24.99.

    14. Teach your kids to how to cross stitch with this wonderful kit that's perfect for any kid that loves to create and design!


    This kit comes with fabric, thread, and enough felt included to make eight projects (with instructions included, of course).

    Price: £19.99.

    15. They'll be able to write down all their inner thoughts thanks to this incredibly adorable academic diary.


    Treat them to this diary so they can write down their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams – in privacy of course.

    Price: £10.00.

    16. Make some delicious cupcakes with this zoo decorating kit, that I, a fully grown adult, will probably be buying for myself because it's so cute.

    John Lewis

    A cupcake kit that lets you decorate your cupcakes to look like animals from the zoo?! Yes please!

    Price: £12.00.

    17. A subscription to Disney+! With the kids at home, Disney+ is sure to keep them occupied – and did we mention you can get an ENTIRE YEAR for £59.99?!


    From Disney classics all the way to the most recent Pixar and Marvel films, not to mention classic Hannah Montana episodes and the brand new original Star Wars series The Mandalorian. There's over 1,000 Disney titles to choose from, and for just £59.99 for the entire year (or £5.99 a month) that's a STEAL.

    Price: £5.99 a month, £59.99 for a year.