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    17 Fun And Useful Products To Keep Your Kids Occupied While They're Staying At Home

    Here are some things to make sure they never get bored.

    1. Test their knowledge with this Disney and Pixar trivia quiz game!

    2. If they're a fan of Star Wars, this stunning 201-piece Millennium Falcon jigsaw puzzle will definitely put them to the test.

    3. Let them show their artistic side thanks to these paint-your-own suncatchers.

    4. This DIY lip balm kit is just the thing if they enjoy getting creative!

    5. Do your kids watch countless slime videos online? Well, let them make their *own* with this super nifty DIY slime kit!

    6. This retro gaming mat has over 200 built-in games and is a really great way to keep your kids active!

    7. Take them on a trip to Hogwarts with this Harry Potter whomping willow LEGO set.

    8. Turn your kids into superheroes with this personalised unicorn cape they'll be able to colour in themselves!

    9. Keep them busy with these mini laser tag pistols they can battle it out with!

    10. You'll be calling them mini master chefs once they get this mug cake recipe book in their hands!

    11. Let their artistic side run free with this paint-your-own dinosaur money box! They'll be able to get creative and learn about the importance of saving their coins!

    12. This bath bomb making kit is the perfect way for your kids to have fun and learn about science at the same time.

    13. A timeless personalised Disney book to *really* make them think they're right there in the story.

    14. Teach your kids to how to cross stitch with this wonderful kit that's perfect for any kid that loves to create and design!

    15. They'll be able to write down all their inner thoughts thanks to this incredibly adorable academic diary.

    16. Make some delicious cupcakes with this zoo decorating kit, that I, a fully grown adult, will probably be buying for myself because it's so cute.

    17. A subscription to Disney+! With the kids at home, Disney+ is sure to keep them occupied – and did we mention you can get an ENTIRE YEAR for £59.99?!