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    21 Products To Help Fix The Things You're A Tiny Bit Embarrassed About

    'Cause that's your business!

    1. This anti-microbial stainless steel tongue scraper removes layers of bacteria, keeping your breath fresh and your tongue pink!

    2. This powerful antiperspirant and odour neutraliser is a must-have if you're worried about your footwear smelling. Simply spray it on your feet and shoes before putting them on to stay fresh!

    3. This at-home ear wax removal syringe kit uses a gentle stream of water to help dislodge stubborn wax without damaging the ears.

    4. If you're a sufferer of bleeding gums, then this Gengigel gel is an absolute need. It helps with ulcers, receding gums, and localised trauma inside the mouth.

    5. Keep your teeth as clean as can be thanks to this eight-piece dental cleaning set that can help remove tartar and plaque buildup.

    6. These ultra-thin hydrocolloid patches will heal your spots while you sleep, so you don't have to worry about that dreaded pimple.

    7. This toilet pumice stone will remove any built-up rust and limescale from your toilet bowl, so you'll no longer hang your head in shame every time you use the loo.

    8. Speaking of the loo, if you're having trouble going, you might just adore this Squatty Potty tool! It encourages better bowel movements by relaxing your muscles.

    9. This mattress and bedding deodoriser contains probiotic bacteria and enzymes to help eliminate bad odours caused by sweat.

    10. This maximum-strength, long-lasting antiperspirant will help with excessive sweating! Simply apply it to your underarms before bedtime and it'll provide you with up to five days of sweat and odour protection.

    11. Prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, razor rash, and pimples using this highly concentrated spot solution that contains tea tree oil and vitamin A to help soothe breakouts.

    12. This squeegee broom contains rubber bristles to easily remove even the most stubborn hairs from your carpet – even ones that have been embedded for what feels like forever.

    13. This anti-snoring mouth guard is comfortable and easy to use, moulding to the shape of your mouth so you can rest without disturbing others.

    14. If you're prone to haemorrhoids, this Anusol treatment cream is great for reducing itching, swelling, and inflammation.

    15. This anti-fungal tea tree balm can be used to relieve athlete's foot, fungal infections, and dry cracked skin.

    16. This fume-free Oven Brite kit contains everything you need to take your oven from "embarrassing grimy mess" to "ooh, I didn't know you got a new oven".

    17. These moth traps can be placed around your home to help get rid of those annoying pests. Each glue pad contains pheromones that entice male moths, trapping them and preventing future reproduction.

    18. This highly-effective, deep-cleansing peel-off face mask is great for extracting blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities!

    19. Whether you suffer from excess sweating, or just get sweaty palms once in a while, you're sure to get some use out of this antiperspirant hand and foot cream.

    20. This hair finishing stick works like mascara! It's coated in natural ingredients to help keep your hair in place, so you can finally say goodbye to those annoying flyaways.

    21. This waterproof electronic callus remover will buff away even the hardest of skin in just minutes. It comes with three roller heads and two interchangeable speeds to best fit your needs.