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    23 Cleaning Products That That Might Just Ctrl+Alt+Delete Your Problems Away

    Your home is about to be spotless AF.

    1. This ceramic hob cleaner is a must-have for getting rid of burnt-on spills and dried-on food from your cooktop! It'll also leave behind a protective coating to help prevent damage from further spillages.

    2. This Cillit Bang degreaser has a powerful cleaning solution that provides results in just seconds, so you won't have to waste your valuable time scrubbing.

    3. This long-lasting rim block will help keep your toilet fresh in between deep cleans. It releases cleaning agents every time you flush and repels limescale too.

    4. Ensure your bin bags stay leak-free thanks to this super absorbent Bin Buddy powder. It also contains citronella – a natural repellent that'll help keep flies and insects away.

    5. This fume-free Oven Brite kit contains everything you need to take your oven from "greasy grimy mess" to "absolutely stunning, babes".

    6. Remove built-up germs and coffee debris from your Nespresso machine thanks to these powerful cleaning capsules! They get to work in just two minutes and won't stain your machine.

    7. This all-purpose power cream from Bar Keepers Friend is gentle on surfaces but tough on stains!

    8. This squeegee broom won't just clean up dirt and spills, it's also ideal for removing stubborn hairs that have been embedded in your carpet for as long as you can remember!

    9. This heavy-duty dishwasher cleaner helps to remove dirt, grease, and limescale in a jiffy! It'll also get rid of all of that hidden gunk you didn't even know about.

    10. Clean your pet's messes quickly and easily thanks to this stain and odour remover for your carpets and upholstery! It gets rid of new and old stains, and even prevents re-soiling too.

    11. This microfibre cleaner for your blinds will help remove unwanted dust as easy as 1, 2, 3, and can be removed from its handle for easy cleaning.

    12. Do two jobs in one by giving your furry friend a good ol' cuddle and groom thanks to this efficient rubber glove that collects moulting hair before it gets on your furniture.

    13. These gas stove burner covers help make cleaning your hobs an absolute breeze by collecting food splatters. They're dishwasher safe too!

    14. These extremely nifty organisers won't just keep your food neat and categorised, they're also a must-have if you share your fridge with housemates.

    15. This steaming microwave cleaner loosens all of the dirt and grease in your microwave, so you can easily wipe all of that built-up gunk away like a ~dream~.

    16. This Dettol all-in-one disinfectant spray is so convenient! It can be used on hard and soft surfaces, all while leaving your home smelling like crisp linen.

    17. Speaking of Dettol, this antibacterial laundry cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

    18. If you're like me and live in a hard water area, this hard-working descaler spray will help get rid of even the most persistent scale in your bathroom!

    19. This powerful black mould removal spray will remove those unsightly markings in just seconds – no scrubbing required! As if that wasn't enough, it tackles limescale too.

    20. Clogged drains who? Never heard of her, thanks to this incredibly powerful drain unblocker that effortlessly clears away fats, grease, shower waste, and hair.

    21. These long-lasting reusable microfibre cleaning cloths are exactly what you need for your house to remain looking spick and span – they remove dust without leaving any streaks behind!

    22. Got a leather sofa that's looking a bit rough? These conditioning surface wipes gently remove dirt and grime, all while protecting the surface and making it look like new.

    23. This incredibly convenient tiny dustpan and brush cleans your window gap slots and other hard-to-reach areas!

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