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    19 Products That'll Help Fix The Things You're A Little Bit Embarrassed About

    'Cause no one needs to know your business, 'cause that's your business.

    1. If you're always on your feet, then this powerful anti-perspirant and odour neutraliser that *destroys* even the toughest odour is sure to be your BFF. Just spray it on your feet and shoes before putting them on to stay fresh!

    2. Tired of sweat patches ruining your favourite clothes? Here's a deodorant and antiperspirant removal spray that will keep your clothes looking AND smelling fresh.

    3. Bad breath? Say no more. This stainless steel tongue scraper is here to help! It'll help remove bacteria, improving your overall hygiene and improving your sense of taste!

    4. This verruca and wart treatment pen has a simple one-click applicator with a precision tip for targeted application! All you have to do is follow the four day treatment, and see your verrucas and warts go down in a week's time.

    5. Sometimes people get ingrown toenails – and that's okay! Here's a six-piece, surgical steel ingrown toenail kit to help reshape and change the angle of your toenail, so they stop growing inwards.

    6. A quick-absorbing haemorrhoid treatment that'll help shrink piles will give your bottom some much needed relief! It'll also help relieve itching and swelling too, so you'll no longer have to worry about the *burn* when you go to the loo.

    7. Here's an extremely useful, no-chemical bed bug killer spray to help destroy your infestation instantly. It's also safe to use around the entire house, thanks to its essential oil base, so you can sit back rest assured (and bed bug free, hopefully).

    8. Here's a maximum-strength, long-lasting antiperspirant to help with excessive sweating! All you have to do is apply it to your underarms (or wherever you sweat a lot, TBH) before bedtime, and it'll provide you with up to five days of sweat and odour protection.

    9. An anti-fungal nail treatment that'll have you seeing results in just two weeks! It's specifically formulated to penetrate into the nail and kill 99.9% of nail fungus at its source.

    10. Your pets are more likely to shed hair during these hotter months, and sometimes that hair gets *stuck* in the carpet. Here's a rubber squeegee broom to help easily remove even the most stubborn hairs.

    11. No longer will you cringe anytime someone uses your toilet, thanks to this toilet pumice stone (and drain unblocker, 'cause it's your lucky day) that'll get rid of any built-up rust, stains, or limescale in your toilet bowl.

    12. If your hands are in need of some TLC, these collagen-infused moisturising gloves are here to save the day. Packed with vitamins and skin-loving nutrients, these gloves will instantly rejuvenate and moisturise your hands, relieving you of any pain from cracks and dryness.

    13. A USB-rechargeable electronic foot file that'll take your feet from "oh god, don't look at them" to "we going to the beach, girls?!" Use it wet or dry, and choose from the two speeds and three roller-heads provided, so you can scrape away your dead skin *exactly* how you please!

    14. This pH-balanced intimate shaving gel infused with tea tree oil is specially formulated for your hair down there. It'll help prevent red spots, ingrown hair, and irritated skin, so you can go about your day knowing there's one less thing to worry about.

    15. This 3-in-1 therapeutic shampoo from Neutrogena alleviates itching, reduces flakes, and calms redness. Designed for those with scalp psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and dandruff – this shampoo is *sure* to relieve some embarrassment.

    16. Haven't gone in a while? Try these stool softener capsules to help soften dry stools that have become too hard to naturally pass. They'll increase their absorption of natural fluids, allowing you to go with ease.

    17. If you're prone to biting your nails, apply this clear bitter-tasting nail polish treatment to discourage nail-biting and encourage future nail growth!

    18. Tired of having sparse brows? Over-plucked too hard and they just never grew back? Here's an easy to use, peel-off semi-permanent eyebrow tint that lasts for three days.

    19. This fresh citrus scented Bin Buddy uses citronella – a natural insect repellent to keep flies and insects away – to eliminate bad smells, soak up liquid, and keep your kitchen smelling fresh AF.