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    21 Products To Help Upgrade Your Bathroom If You're On A Budget

    'Cause every good bathroom needs a diffuser, dahhhhling!

    1. These natural wooden soap holders and multipurpose sisal soap bags are 100% plastic-free and environmentally friendly.

    2. An extending luxury bathtub rack that'll hold your phone, tablet, and glass of wine. Living lavish, babes!

    3. Keep things clean with this automatic toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder set.

    4. Add a touch of greenery into your bathroom with this ceropegia plant that comes in a stunning planter.

    5. A bath drain strainer to catch any fallen hair so your pipes stay clog-free!

    6. A Bluetooth waterproof speaker so you can belt out Adore You by Harry Styles in the shower.

    7. A fogless bathroom mirror so you can shave in the shower without having to worry about steam getting in the way.

    8. These stick-on wall tiles are quick to apply and will *totally* upgrade your bathroom without any hassle.

    9. Give your feet a cloud nine experience with this memory foam bath mat that'll turn your bathroom into an at-home spa.

    10. An essential oil diffuser that'll help with dry skin and create a soothing atmosphere.

    11. A brass toilet roll holder 'cause who doesn't want to feel like a celeb when they use the loo?

    12. This charcoal grey bathroom bin that'll make throwing away your toiletries a *total* fashion statement.

    13. This shower curtain with pockets is an absolute MUST-HAVE for anyone with a smaller bathroom – 'cause who wouldn't want to save on space?

    14. Indulge yourself in this luxurious ergonomic bath pillow that'll have you saying BUH-BYE to a sore neck during bathtime.

    15. This four-drawer storage cabinet to store your all of your toiletries in.

    16. A brass towel hook rail to make you feel bougie whenever you step into the bathroom.

    17. This self-adhesive frosted glass window film will give your bathroom that added bit of privacy, so you can enjoy your bath with some extra peace of mind.

    18. These personalised bath towels are seriously handy if you've got people in your home that can't remember which towel belongs to them.

    19. These eco-friendly amber glass soap dispensers will look super stylish in your bathroom.

    20. A copper and rose gold concrete toilet brush that'll give your bathroom a super contemporary touch.

    21. A rainfall shower head so you can finally have a good enough reason to stay an extra 10 minutes in the shower before work.