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    16 Hilarious Gifts From Firebox To Send To Your Friend That's Got A Dirty Sense Of Humour

    'Cause what better time to make them laugh?

    1. A twin pack of chocolate toilet rolls made from a blend of white and milk Belgian chocolate.

    2. Are they missing a partner they're not self-isolating with? Or maybe they're just plain lonely?! Don't worry, this jumbo penis pillow will keep them company.

    3. These marshmallow willies are as delicious as they are naughty!

    4. This box of edible anus chocolates is the perfect tongue-in-cheek (sorry) gift to send your favourite pal!

    5. Gift them this sparkly, rose-scented hot-pink bar of soap to help motivate them to get scrubbing.

    6. A box of super tasty chocolate boobs that they can nibble on.

    7. Send your bestie a literal chocolate penis that weighs a *whopping* eight ounces!

    8. Send them some boozy goodwill with this hilariously crude bottle of prosecco that you can even have personalised.

    9. Some Tiger King-inspired condoms so they can keep their Maldonado Passage (get it!) protected at all costs.

    10. Help them complete their sexual experimentation bucket list thanks to this position-of-the-day playbook.

    11. These durable rubber stressticles are ~ideal~ for the friend that needs to release some tension.

    12. Make bathtime so much more fun thanks to this Fishing For Floaters game that they can play by themselves or with other people.

    13. Treat them to this penis-shaped hot water bottle they'll love spooning with at night.

    14. These giant STD plushies are kind of adorable?! These cuddly little critters are *just* the gift to send your bestie to make them giggle.

    15. Send them this rude puzzle book that's sure to put the naughtiest corners of their dirty mind to work.

    16. Some piña colada-flavoured jelly sperms for the BFF that's not afraid of a little crude humour.