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    19 Cooling Products You'll Probably Want To Use All Summer Long

    Ice, ice, baby!

    1. A cooling towel that gets to work after you add a little water to it! It stays cool for up to three hours and is perfect for those super hot days.

    2. These cooling gel inserts are honestly *ideal* for people who run hot! Simply insert them into your pillowcase and enjoy a good night's sleep knowing the heat from your head and neck are being absorbed by the inserts.

    3. An anti-chafing balm that'll become your best friend in the heat – all you have to do is apply it between your thighs to avoid irritation and rubbing.

    4. An iced coffee maker to instantly transform any hot or room-temperature beverage into an ice cold one!

    5. This cooling blanket is made with a fabric that's designed to absorb body heat, keeping you cool in the process. It's also incredibly soft, so you'll love falling asleep with this by your side.

    6. This reusable gel eye mask is ideal for headaches or tired eyes – simply pop it in the freezer (or microwave, if you want a more heated effect) for a therapeutic experience worth waiting for.

    7. Keep cool at your desk with this USB-powered, rechargeable mini fan! It's small, portable, and has three speeds to choose from – oh, and did we mention it's silent-operating?!

    8. If you're anything like me, ice cream is an essential in the hot weather, so why not make your own in just half an hour with this 1.5L ice cream maker!

    9. And if you're more into ice lollies, these reusable silicone moulds are just what you need to make them at home!

    10. Okay, get this. This is a water bottle that has a built-in mist spray in it so you can quench your thirst and keep yourself cool – a total win!

    11. Keep your pet(s) cool as a cucumber thanks to this self-cooling mat that's safe for both humans and animals to use! It's also easy to clean and store away, so it won't cause a hassle when you're not using it.

    12. If you've got kids and a garden, this easy-to-install sprinkler pad is sure to provide heaps of fun during the summer months.

    13. This vitamin E, aloe, and cooling menthol deodorant body powder provides long-lasting protection for those who need a little more sweat relief down there.

    14. This mattress topper is infused with a gel that creates a breathable layer of comfort, helping to maintain an optimal cool temperature and prevent overheating.

    15. Thanks to its time-release temperature control technology that chills the surface of your makeup, this Urban Decay cooling and hydrating setting spray that's ideal for anyone who loves makeup.

    16. These thermal-insulated blackout curtains protect your home against summer heat (and winter chill) for a more balanced temperature.

    17. If you're out on the go, this portable handheld rechargeable fan is lightweight and has three adjustable speeds to keep you – as Demi Lovato would say – "Cool for the Summer".

    18. This aloe vera gel is perfect for anyone who's caught a little *too* much sun! It provides soothing relief for dry and burnt skin, and won't leave a greasy residue when you put it on!

    19. A pair of insulated cooler bags to keep your drinks ice cold –they're easy to carry thanks to their adjustable straps and are the perfect size for a bottle of wine!