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    18 Cleaning Products To Help Take Your Home From Drab To Fab

    Your home is about to be sparkling AF.

    1. Thanks to its non-acidic formula, this oven and cookware cleaner removes tough dirt and grime without affecting your pots, pans, and surfaces!

    2. This tea and coffee stain remover easily gets rid of the deep-set grime harbouring inside your mugs – no scrubbing required!

    3. These Ecozone sticks contain natural bacterias and enzymes that dissolve and break down grease, fat, and other dirt clogging up your drains!

    4. I'm obsessed with this pair of microfibre dusters! It makes cleaning my blinds and other hard-to-reach areas so much easier.

    5. This beeswax wood polish restores and protects your wooden furniture, so you can finally get rid of those pesky rings your mugs have left behind.

    6. This tough-on-dirt cleaning paste gets to work on pretty much ANYTHING – from grease on pots and pans to scum on your bathtub.

    7. I'm sorry, but I will never not rave about how much you need a squeegee broom! It won't just clean up dirt and spills, it'll also remove stubborn hairs that have been embedded in your carpet.

    8. Keep your dishwasher performing at its best with this heavy-duty cleaner that removes dirt, grease, and limescale! It'll get rid of all of that hidden gunk you didn't even know about.

    9. This fast-acting mould remover spray from Cillit Bang is a must-have for your bathroom! It provides visible results in seconds without the need for scrubbing.

    10. You'd be amazed at how well these citrus-scented gel discs work! Simply stamp one into your toilet bowl to help clean and freshen your loo with each flush.

    11. I'm telling you, it's TIME to get yourself a flexible drain brush! It's a must-have for swiftly removing hair and dirt from your plug holes in between deep cleans.

    12. These leather conditioning surface wipes will gently remove dirt and grime, all while protecting your sofa and making it look like new.

    13. If you live in a hard water area, chances are that you're going to need this hard-working descaler spray! It'll help get rid of even the most stubborn scale in your bathroom.

    14. These chemical-free sponges get rid of even the toughest stains and can be used on all types of surfaces, so you don't have to worry about your little ones scribbling on the walls.

    15. Sprinkle some of this Vanish Oxi Action carpet stain remover onto your carpet and it'll remove up to five times more dirt than vacuuming alone.

    16. I'm in love with this radiator and vent cleaning brush that helps you clean out all of the dust that's been building up in there!

    17. This incredibly handy lemon-scented cleaning gel will remove all of the crumbs and dirt hiding inside your keyboard.

    18. This highly-rated silver polish foam cleans, shines, and protects your silver from unwanted tarnish over time.