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    21 Mother's Day Gifts You Can Get In The UK For Under A Tenner

    Show your mother you love her, without splashing the cash.

    1. This adorable little A5 keepsake print can be personalised with both you and your mother's name!

    2. This trio set of mini Yankee Candles will look great decorated around her bathroom! They smell gorgeous and have a burning time of 15 hours each.

    3. She's bound to say "aww" the minute you give her this ridiculously cute mug! It's microwave and dishwasher safe, BTW.

    4. Treat her to a well-deserved pampering session thanks to this luxurious bathtime set from Baylis & Harding. From bath cremes to bath soak crystals, she'll be spoilt for choice!

    5. She'll for sure appreciate this six-piece set of rose-scented bath bombs! They're made with rose essential oils to help rejuvenate the skin too.

    6. This skin-loving mini hand-care gift set will keep her fingertips as soft and smooth as possible.

    7. Help reduce puffiness, headaches, and dark circles thanks to this reusable cooling gel eye mask that can be used both hot and cold.

    8. This soothing gel pillow can be easily affixed to her bathtub for the ultimate spa-like experience!

    9. If you can't treat her to a masseuse ATM, chances are she'll appreciate this vibrating ball-shaped massager that'll help relieve the tension in her shoulders.

    10. She'll love this lavender-infused pillow spray and rollerball set. All she has to do is simply spritz the spray onto her pillow, apply the rollerball onto her pulse points, and relaaaax!

    11. This decadent-tasting, salted caramel-flavoured hot chocolate tastes incredibly luxe!

    12. These Himalayan bath salts are infused with chamomile, lavender, bergamot, and jasmine for a wonderfully soothing bathtime experience.

    13. If you want to buy her something sentimental, this beautiful handmade ceramic coaster that can be personalised is sure to be well-received!

    14. Personalise this illustrative book's every page with details about you and your mother's own unique relationship! She'll love how thoughtful it is.

    15. This solid pewter heart token is stamped with a heartwarming phrase that she'll be able to carry with her every day.

    16. This rather humorous mug is bound to make your mum chuckle every time she has her precious morning coffee.

    17. This highly-rated foot massage roller will help her wind down after a busy day on her feet.

    18. If your mum has a self-proclaimed sweet tooth, this mixed set of Toblerone chocolates would definitely make a great gift!

    19. This highly-affordable assorted selection of tea bags ranging from Mint Melody to Earl Grey Citrus is going to be ideal if you know your mum loves a cuppa.

    20. Mums who like to read books will for sure adore this sentimental bookmark that comes with a heartwarming message.

    21. This hydrating sheet mask is infused with hyaluronic acid to quench dry and dehydrated skin – perfect for when your mum is in need of some TLC.