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Ten Reasons Your Guy Is Not And Never Will Be Ryan Gosling

We're talking "movie Ryan" - who sets standards no mortal male could ever hope to match. Not "real life Ryan" who from most reports is a stellar fella, but probably couldn't live up to "movie Ryan" either.

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10. If you ignore a man for years, don’t expect him to use that time to build you a house, because your man is not Ryan Gosling from The Notebook.

9. Most womanizers do not have a heart of gold, and are not acting that way just because they haven’t yet met the right girl, because all womanizers are not Ryan Gosling from Crazy, Stupid, Love.

8. Don’t expect your man to fall for you after a few meaningful glances, and then be a demon behind the wheel, since all men who own cars and cool jackets are not Ryan Gosling from Drive.

7. Even if your man has a motorbike and a few tattoos, that does not mean he’s a death-defying carny, such as Ryan Gosling from The Place Beyond the Pines.

6. When your man puts on a few pounds, remember that Ryan Gosling did the exact same thing. He added 60 pounds for The Lovely Bones, a film that he didn’t even end up making.

5. Maybe your man can sing, maybe he cannot. Either way, if you’re going through a rough patch, don’t expect that he’ll pull out a ukulele and go all Ryan Gosling from Blue Valentine.

4. When you refuse a man’s advances, he will not simply replace you with a mannequin and wait for you. Instead, he may actually date another human woman, as your man is not Ryan Gosling from Lars and the Real Girl.

3. If your partner is a tad psychotic monster, similar to Sean Penn from Gangster Squad, don’t count on being rescued by a cocksure policeman with blue eyes you could drown in, because that’s not a real guy - that’s Ryan Gosling, also from Gangster Squad.

2. If you fall pregnant, don’t just assume that your man will stick by you, even though we all know that’s the right thing to do. As your man is not real-life Ryan Gosling, and you’re not real-life Eva Mendes.

1. Unlike movie Ryan Gosling, some men actually do eat their cereal. Following the passing of Ryan McHenry, who created that Vine, as a tribute Ryan Gosling then ate his cereal. What a guy!

Ryan won’t eat his cereal: eats his cereal:

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