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Bumble Besties For Commuter Kids

The popular social app, Bumble, now has a feature called Bumble Besties where you go into the friendzone. According to Canada's National College Health Assessment over 70% of college kids have reported feeling "lonely" in the past year. If apps can help our dating lives, can they help us find more friends on campus?

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1. Sick of Semester Friends? A person in your class who only associates with you in order to become more familiarized with the course and assignments?

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As a commuter college kid it can get really hard to make a good friends group. Over the last couple years I’ve been able to make quite a few friends through classes and student clubs but expanding my social circle has been hard. I can’t make fast friends in a pub or chat someone up in the library so what’s another option? According to Bumble, if you can find your next fling through an app why not your next best friend?

2. Where are all the boys???

Upon embarking on my journey into the deep waters of the friendzone the first thing I realized was that...99.9% of Bumble BFFs were female. I'm all about girl power but hello don't guys want more friends too?

3. Some girls found it really easy to make friends


Turns out that a lot of Bumblers felt the same way. A lot of the Bumble BFFs were young women that were proactively trying to expand their social circle. It was a lot easier to chat online then try to squeeze in some conversation once a week before or after lecture

4. Some Bumblers found it really hard to use


Online dating is hard enough do we really need to add another layer to the confusion? It also gets more complicated when Bumble doesn't differentiate romantic interests from BFF interests. Keeping multiple chats going simultaneously can become very overwhelming.

5. So far I've loved the concept and I'm probably going to keep this app...about to head out for a group dinner!


The nice thing about Bumble BFFs is that if you're willing to do the work, its a pretty rewarding social networking site. Unlike Facebook or Twitter you can actually meet your online friends in person.

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