Wayne Zeller
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    • Wayne Zeller

      The thing is, to retain rights to intellectual property you must defend those rights. FOX failed to do so for almost a dozen years. If any of these home based cunning hat makers decided to sue FOX for the right to continue making them, they would have a VERY strong case. Unfortunately, FOX can afford lots and lots of very high-power attorneys whereas most of these knitters are struggling to make a house payment. As a result, the rights of the people are trampled by the money of the rich. I have no problem with corporations protecting their IP - my own company does so religiously. But the reason we do is because we recognize that if we let it slide, we lose it. That’s why you don’t get a C&D letter from the makers of Escalator when you call another manufacturer’s automatic staircase an escalator. Or why it’s okay to call a Puffs tissue a Kleenex. Defend it or lose it. They didn’t defend it, they should lose it.

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