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Wyshbox Life Insurance Is Here To Make All Your Afterlife Dreams Come True

Wanna have your ashes launched into space? Rehouse your precious houseplants in the rainforest? Hire a yoga instructor for your cat? Totally possible with Wyshbox! #WhatsYourWysh

For many of us, "Life Insurance" is just a common motive in all those true crime TV shows we're obsessed with.

Crime tape in front of an active crime scene, forensics team investigating in the background

But Wyshbox Life Insurance is totally different! With Wyshbox, you can make sure that life post-you is everything you want it to be.

Say you pass away (please don't!), Wyshbox can help pay off your mortgage so your family doesn't have to move in with your sister and her 23 cats...

Or pay for your kid's college tuition.

You can also make arrangements for yourself, like having your ashes shot into space...

Nathan's Wysh is to send his dear sweet mother to a tropical island to dump his ashes into an active volcano.

Dylan's Wysh is to hire a private yoga instructor for his cat...

Zoe's Wysh is to have her beloved houseplants relocated to their forever home in an actual rainforest...

And Harry just wants someone to rub his pig's belly every day.

Well, now you can Wysh for all that stuff and more! With Wyshbox, your specific postmortem desires can be taken care of, so you can truly rest in peace.

All images courtesy of Wyshbox, the trade name of Wysh Life and Health Insurance Company, unless otherwise noted

Wyshbox provides term life insurance tailored to your specific needs, whatever they might be. So what are you waiting for? Start building your Wyshes today with Wyshbox!