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5 Inspiring Disney Theme Park Jams

Straight from the happiest places on Earth. (Don't find your fave on this list? Leave it in the reactions.

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1. EPCOT's original theme music, which played at the entrance to the park.

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From 1982 to 2001, this 28-minute loop played as you waited in line at the entrance. Think Mannheim Steamroller... with even more Steamroller. (And more Mannheim. Why not?)

2. The theme from "Soarin'."

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Another EPCOT gem.

This might make you want to fly. Don't. You're not strapped into a ride seat... Not yet, at least.

3. The queue music from "Peter Pan's Flight."

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Sure, it's just a medley of songs from Peter Pan. But come on, who isn't happy after watching Peter Pan? ...Ah. Okay.

4. "Tapestry Of Nations" from the "Millennium Celebration" album.

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You'll want to hug everyone after hearing this. Everyone in the world. Doesn't matter who. You'll hug them.

5. "We Go On," a.k.a. the final part of EPCOT's "Reflections Of Earth."

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It's only two minutes long, but when you see that gigantic Earth open up to reveal a GIGANTIC TORCH, and then watch as literally a thousand fireworks blast off in the sky, you'll be moved to tears. And if you're not, chances are it's the $7 churro talking.

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