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Trump's First Week In Office

We all wonder what life will look like if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. Of course multiple apocalypses will occur, mass deportations, nuclear crises left and right, and terrorism will absolutely flourish, but what exactly will happen to the Donald? Here's my simple prediction.

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Trump's First Week In Office / Via

Sunday: Donald installs large, gold letters of his name on White House façade.

Monday: Trump grabs Putin’s 'pussy.'

Tuesday: Melania gets deported.

Wednesday: Trump marries for the fourth time, but can't find a ring that fits his tiny fingers.

Thursday: Mike Pence embarrassed, quits and tells reporters, "Frankly, that was an utter mistake."

Friday: Trump, feeling abandoned and angered, hits the nuclear launch button for support.

Saturday: Donald Trump is impeached. Trump replies, "I was a huge success, tremendous in fact. So much so that I will be running for President again."

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