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10 Of The Most Memorable Matches From The WWE's Attitude Era

Buckle up, bucko; we're about to choke-slam your nostalgia bone so hard you'll be seeing stars. Re-live the revolution with WWE '13, the next groundbreaking installment in the most critically acclaimed wrestling series of all-time.

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10. Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13, 1997


The only thing that stopped superstar Steve Austin from sweeping this landmark bout with rival Hart was a devastating bleed-out in the match's final moments.

9. The Rock vs. Triple H at SummerSlam, 1998


This SummerSlam '98 ladder match was a legitimate "lightning in a bottle" moment for two of the Attitude Era's best and brightest, and a key moment in one of the WWE's most bitter rivalries.

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane at the WWE Royal Rumble, 2001


A landmark moment in the career of landmark wrestler Steve Austin, this iconic bout secured the Texas Rattlesnake's spot in the WWE Hall of Fame as he walked home with a record-breaking three Royal Rumble wins.

7. Mankind vs. The Rock at The Survivor Series, 1998


The tension at this legendary bout was palpable as foes Foley and Rocky savagely battered and bruised one another, culminating in a shocking double-turn and Championship win from the People's Champ.

6. Triple H vs. Cactus Jack at Royal Rumble, 2000


Ask any wrestling heavyweight to name the most crowd-pleasing match of the Attitude Era, and there's a damn good chance this barbaric street brawl would snag the number one spot.

5. Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at SummerSlam, 1998

Jaws dropped at the merciless onslaught offered up by these former tag-team partners, but it was Taker's brutalizing legdrop through the announcers' table that had onlookers talking about this match for years after the fact.

4. The Rock vs. Mankind at Royal Rumble, 1999


A barbarous bout that still sends chills down onlookers' spines, this savage beating offered up by the fan-favorite People's Champion marks one of the most memorable moments in the WWE's rudest, crudest age.

3. Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at No Way Out, 2001


The earth trembled when the WWE's premiere titans faced off at this groundbreaking slugfest, and with the ruthless victory of love-to-hate-him heel Triple H in the match's final moments, it felt like a bold exclamation mark on one of the circuit's most vicious rivalries.

2. The Undertaker vs. Mankind at King of the Ring, 1998

It's pretty much impossible to sit through this ferocious Hell in a Cell match without cringing, or at least admiring the inhuman resilience of Mick "Mankind" Foley as he's dropped, repeatedly, from the circuit's iconic cage. The real-life Foley stumbled away from this loss with a bevy of injuries, but secured his spot as one of the WWE's top performers.

1. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 17, 2001


If the world were a fair, just place, this monumental match between the WWE's two top stars would be taught in schools and seminars across the country. Housing one of the circuit's most devastating plot twists as the Bionic Redneck took a harrowing heel turn, this brutal bout capped off the Attitude Era in a suitably epic fashion.