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    • wutang44

      For everyone who’s reading this… look at this picture, and remember that screaming “these people are sick!” doesn’t do ANYTHING to fix the problem, and neither does calling anyone who disagrees with your statement women-haters or rape sympathizers… all it does is make you feel better and make you feel like you contributed, when you’ve done NOTHING. If you’re one of those people posting about how this is a violation of freedom of speech, you’re wrong. If you’re one of those people posting about how this is a violation of the Facebook Terms of Services, you are right, but you could be wrong by another interpretation, so in order to not be sued Facebook either has to change their rules, or risk offending innocent people who will probably do nothing about it other than rant on one website or another.  They know they won’t lost customer base, most of you wouldn’t dream of actually quitting facebook over this, so why should they care? If your beliefs are so strong, act on them, at least by informing people who CAN do something about it rather than whining on a popular page on the internet.

    • wutang44

      Let’s face it, facebook is not going to lose members because they’re offended, Period… it’s too big a thing now, people rely on it too much. Freedom of speech isn’t the issue here, because if it was then the people with rape pictures win that battle… but it does violate their rule of conduct, by one interpretation, and doesn’t by another… that’s the problem they’re facing now.  And if, by chance, they get an admin who decides to have a heart and start banning all these photos and groups, then they can be sued for breach of terms and conditions… given the choice of offending good people and being sued by bad people, which do you think will happen?

    • wutang44

      Actually, guys… hateful speech IS protected speech, hence the legality of the always-targeted Westboro Baptist Church… and since there is no proof that these people are actually committing any such acts, nothing can legally be said about it. I agree with the people that said to avoid the groups… if they want to have their own sick little ten-person be-a-prick group on facebook that no one else sees, so be it. As for the ads appearing on facebook alongside the rape pictures, these people do realize those ads populate randomly, right? So there’s no telling which ads will appear on which page?

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