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Wupo Tarot Weekly Readings For Intuitive Action

Weekly challenges. Weekly action steps. Explore you.

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Body, Mind, Spirit: Want to make changes?

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Hi guys, welcome back for another Tarot Reading at Wupo Tarot. This week I'll be exploring the body, mind, and spirit.

Body position: Strength in reverse

Strength depicts a maiden dressed in a white robe adorned with roses and she is holding open the mouth of a lion. This card is about gentle strength. Within our bodies, in order to become stronger, we have to accept both our strengths and our weaknesses, and that also means being aware of our strengths and weaknesses, first, in order to work on changing our bodies. For example, I'm working on flexibility and hand balancing. Hand balancing is definitely not my strength. I appreciate the process - every step that I take and the time I put into practice. I feel my body getting stronger every week and becoming aware of those minute little adjustments to stay in balance. This week, with our bodies, focus on how can we find that gentle strength to love and appreciate every aspect of it in order to get stronger overall. Honor your body! It’s the only one you have!

Mind position: the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a spinning wheel with mythical characters at each corner reading books. This is about ideas coming into fruition and this is about culminating all your experiences with your desires and getting what you want. How? This is not going to be handed to us. The Wheel of Fortune about studying, understanding, prepping and following through, giving it a try, doing it - “it” being what’s been brewing in the back of your head - then being consistent with it, on repeat like a cycle...or wheel. Known as the good luck card, this is a positive omen, as long as we're putting in that effort and the hard work.

Spirit position: 3 of Wands

In the 3 of Wands there are boats in the distance representing commerce or productivity, and three is also about initial completion. The character who's holding a wand, oversees the hustle and bustle. Maybe he's gotten a business off the ground and he's taking a moment to recognize that it is actually working and moving. It's a great time to realize that what we’re doing actually has legs, and people are getting value and appreciating our work. That feeling of contributing to society, finding our place in the world, Spirit is asking us to take this time to recognize our efforts that fill your heart with joy and connection. Maybe you're at an initial stage of feeling connected with the Earth, when you were once afraid to get mud on your shoes and now you like it. Celebrate little things like that by making sure you take those weekly hikes and thanking the Earth for its abundance.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for joining me. If you would like to check out more of these

free readings check out And I'll see you next week!

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