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10 Things I Wanted As A Kid, Can Have Now But No Longer Want

We spent thousands of hours pining for, desperately wanting these things as kids. Now as adults who could pretty much have them any time we want, do we?

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The rare bendy straw

In childhood, getting a bendy straw meant you were sick, or it was a special occasion. Either way, you were entitled to more attention! As an adult, you can buy these for $1 per 250 at the Dollar Store.

Carnival rides

Wanna ride it! Wanna ride it! You bugged your parents till they were about to smack you. Today, you could get spun around at a carnival til you puke anytime you choose, but how often do you go?


You wanted a puppy so bad, you prayed for it every Sunday. As a grown up, do you have dogs? Do you cuss them out every time you have to clean up their mess, pay for the kennel when you want to travel or go out in the cold to walk them?

Sugar cereal!

If only mom understood that you want the GOOD cereal, want it, want it, want it, soooo bad. Yet she always bought stupid Cheerios at best. As an adult, you can buy whatever cereal you want, but you get....? Some twig/fiber thing? Or do you indulge yourself with Apple Jacks and Fruity Pebbles?


Halloween was the high holy day of Candy-Worshippers, the one legit time to collect sweets, but you craved it every day. Now that you have your own money and own choices, do you eat candy every day?

Pet deer

How many of you had a childhood fantasy that involved a pet deer... a little timid soul who would trust only you? And now, as adults, how many of you have deer in your yard or in the roads nearby, eating your landscaping or endangering you on the road? We still love them, don't we?

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