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The Following Vehicles Are Not Transformers So DON'T EVEN ASK

The following pictures feature popular car and truck models. As a reminder, they're not Transformers; please don't make us repeat ourselves on this.

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Here's a pretty cool pick-up truck. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t get confused: this is not a Transformer.

This car's a modern classic. We shouldn't have to repeat ourselves, but, again, this is not a Transformer.

See those creases in the outer frame? That's where the Transformer's arms would be, IF this was a Transformer. But it's not.

Sleek, fast, and capable of delivering Shia LaBoef between plot points. At least it would be, if this was a Transformer. Which it's not.

Ok you got us here. It’s the good guy, Optimum Prize, leader of the-ARE YOU SERIOUS WE ALREADY TOLD YOU THESE CARS DON'T CHANGE

Uh-Oh, what about this one? Could be a Deceptibot EXCEPT THAT ITS NOT SO STOP LITERALLY GO BACK AND READ THE TITLE

We know what you’re thinking; this looks just like that Tumblebee guy. You’re just gonna have to take us at our word on this one.

Don’t you say it. Don’t you dare fucking say it.

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